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How to spot a fake Canadian job offer How to spot a fake Canadian job offer Job seekers are always looking for an opportunity, and scammers know that you’re vulnerable. If it sounds too good to be true then trust your gut when it says – ‘something tells me this isn’t right’. A recent report by the Canada Anti-Fraud Center indicates there were […]

Police Checks for Canada Immigration Police Checks for Canada Immigration What is a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)? A Police Clearance Certificate can also be known as a Police Check, Criminal Record Check, Character Check or Police Checks for Canada Immigration. Each country has its own name for what is essentially a check on your criminal record in a country or […]

Immigrate to Canada with a Criminal Record What to do If You Have a Criminal Record and Want to Immigrate to Canada This article is only relevant to people with a conviction of some kind on their police record.  What is Criminal Inadmissibility to Canada? Criminal inadmissibility is when a person has committed an offense of some sort. It can be a […]

Express Entry Tie Break Rule The Express Entry Tie Break Rule Explained What is the Canadian Immigration Express Entry Tie Break Rule? When the Canadian Government makes an offer round they issue two pieces of information about the round of invitations. the lowest qualifying CRS score to receive the invitation in the round is known as “the cut-off score” and […]

not eligible for Express Entry What to do If you’re not eligible for Express Entry There are numerous reasons why you might not yet be eligible for Express Entry. However, the good news is that there are ways to improve your eligibility and other immigration pathways that still lead to Permanent Residency. Reasons you might not eligible for Express Entry […]

Benefits of Immigrating to Canada Benefits of Immigrating to Canada Canada has long been attractive to people all over the world looking to move to another country. Canada has many immigration programs and welcomes those looking to move with open arms. But why is Canada such a sought-after place to immigrate to? What about it makes it an ideal destination […]

Educational Credential Assessment Exactly How to Apply for your Canada Educational Credential Assessment As well as taking the language test, you need an Educational Credential Assessment. What is an ECA and Why do I need one? Before Canada can decide who their best immigration candidates are, they need to compare the applicants fairly.  For this reason, Canada assesses […]

Check Your Eligibility Check Your Eligibility for Canada Immigration – Are You Wanted in Canada? Canada is a nation of immigrants. In fact, one out of every five Canadians was born in another country. This means that there are thousands upon thousands of people who want to move from their countries to Canada. This means that Canada is […]

Canada Working Holiday Visa How to obtain a Canada Working Holiday Visa If you want to spend a working holiday in Canada, then you should learn more about the International Experience Canada (IEC) Working Holiday work permits. The IEC is also known as the Working Holiday Visa in Canada and it could be your ticket to living temporarily while […]

Accelerated Tech Pathway Alberta Creates New Immigration Program for Tech Workers On 13th January 2022, Alberta’s immigration minister announced that the province would be launching the Accelerated Tech Pathway to attract more technology professionals. Tyler Shandro, the immigration minister, announced that the new immigration pathway was going to help technology professionals from abroad and within Canada get permanent […]

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