Canadians Still Support Immigration


Canadians Still Support Immigration

Canada is a country that has experienced a great deal of immigration since its founding in 1867. The Great White North is a popular country for foreign individuals to immigrate to. The quality of life available in Canada is high and there are plenty of opportunities for individuals to relocate to the country. Starting in 2021, Canada aims to welcome a minimum of 401,000 new immigrates each year. 

The vast majority of Canadian residents still support immigration to the country. Many Canadians hold positive views of immigration and a new survey from the Economics Institute found that citizens consider the key aspects of immigration to be worthwhile for the entire country.

A telephone interview was conducted by the Economics Institute, surveying 2,000 Canadians. The survey took place from September 7 to September 23, 2021. The purpose of the survey was to gauge the opinions of Canadians and to see if their views on refugees and immigration had changed over the last year. One of the survey’s objectives was to explore the challenges and stresses of the past year and how they affected “Canadians’ capacity for openness to others.” 

The results found that Canadian’s opinions on refugees and immigration to the country were “mostly stable” over the last year. Economics Institute stated, “A clear majority supports current levels of immigration, views immigrants as good for the Canadian economy, and believes they are important for building the country’s population.”

Sixty-five percent of those surveyed did not believe immigration levels are too high in Canada. A Focus Canada survey in September 2020 found roughly the same information. Atlantic Canadians, Manitobans, and Saskatchewanians, this view has declined by 7 to 8 percentage points over the last 12 months. In Quebec, residents’ views are mostly unchanged from 2020. Meanwhile, Albertans are up by 3 points. So the results clearly show that Canadians Still Support Immigration.



The survey found that first-generation Canadians, people born in a different country, have largely changed since 2020. First-generation Canadians had a 9-point increase in the number of people surveyed about immigration levels in Canada.

Seventy-five percent of Liberal Party supporters agree with Canada’s current immigration levels, according to the survey. New Democratic Party supporters had an 81 percent figure when surveyed.

A little more than 54 percent of Conservative Party of Canada supporters believe the country’s immigration levels are adequate. Bloc Québécois supporters supporting Canada’s current immigration levels were at 70 percent.

In 2020, Canada had 38.1 million residents. Despite the large figure, 57 percent of individuals surveyed believe more immigration will enable the population to increase. However, 37 percent of those surveyed disagreed with that statement. 

While the results of Economics Institute’s poll were relatively the same as the findings in 2020, they are completely different to views held in the 1980s and 1990s. Thirty to 40 years ago, Canadians believed immigration was not necessary to grow the country and that levels were too high. 

Not only did a large percentage of Canadians believe immigration is important to grow the country, but they felt it is needed for the country’s economy. In addition, 76 percent of people believe the Canadian government should encourage entrepreneurs to relocate to the country to start businesses. Even after all this time, Canadians Still Support Immigration.


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