Record number of job vacancies in Canada


Record number of job vacancies in Canada

A recent report by Statistics Canada has revealed that job vacancies in construction accommodation services, food manufacturing and tech exceed the number of applicants for these jobs, generally by between 10 and 15%.

For the period between April and July 2021 the vacancy rate in Canada was an astonishing 4.7% This is the highest rate since records began in 2015. According to Justin Peterson of, this exceptionally high rate was influenced by rising productivity, and a decline in payroll employment. In total, there were 731,900 job vacancies in Canada last month. This is 25.7%, more active live job vacancies, than the exact same period, two years ago.

Canada Wages Increasing

Interestingly, average wages per hour, had also seen a marked increase with the average wage now being $22.85 per hour, which is $1.55, higher than the exact same time last year.

Now, changes in this statistic, are usually influenced by a whole range of factors in Canada, such as wage or salary growth and industry shifts, and the variable availability of full or part time positions. However, while average wages grew in all provinces, Newfoundland and Alberta saw a slight decrease in average wage, whereas the largest increases were found in Prince Edward Island and in British Columbia, which had the highest average hourly wage amongst all of the provinces in Canada.

British Columbia, and Quebec also saw the largest number of overall job increases driven in part by the construction and natural resources boom, which is continued in Canada unabated, after a general slowdown in the number of new immigrants coming to Canada.

Canada Immigration Future

Canada remains steadfast that immigration is one of the only ways to grow their economy at an exponential rate. Some sectors saw a massive increase in vacancies, with a whopping one in seven job vacancies being in the medical professional health and social sectors.

Nurses, and in particular psychiatric nurses remain in high demand right across Canada, with the nursing profession witnessing the largest overall increase of all occupations. Nurses, and psychiatric nurses immigrating to Canada can now expect a starting average wage of $32.50, which is up 5.7% from last year. More experienced nurses immigrating to Canada can expect to earn $50 $60 $70. And at the highest end of the scale, $132 per hour.

The construction sector also saw a huge increase in vacancies, which are running at a record high of 62,594 open positions in the industry. The most in demand trades are, as always, electricians looking to emigrate to Canada  and carpenters bricklayers, welders, steel workers, plumbers and construction trade helpers also witnessing a meteoric rise in demand.

There is now a huge shortfall of people to fill all types of jobs in Canada and it is anticipated that immigration, over the next year will certainly fill, lots of these vacancies. An economist at RBC Carrie Freestone suggested that the extended period of shutdown in the accommodation sector, the food sector and the entertainment sector has had many workers leave Canada. And this drop in net migration will need to be adjusted over the next couple of years with an increase in inbound immigration to Canada.

The report also suggests indicates that the number of overall vacancies, is expected to rise exponentially again over the next six months.

A recent survey on business conditions by Statistics Canada Reveals that 8.3% of Canadian businesses are expecting to see record number of job vacancies in Canada over the next year. What can be said with absolute certainty is that Canada is definitely open for immigration. Business is growing, confidence in the economy is surging forwards and it is highly likely that we’re about to witness some of the highest net immigration figures Canada has ever seen.

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