These are the Supporting Documents You Need for Express Entry


You will need to supply supporting documents as evidence to the Canadian Government at varying times throughout the express entry application process.


You will not need to submit documents when you apply for Express Entry. However, you will need to submit the information listed on the document. Only once you have received an Invitation to Apply (ITA) will you need to submit your actual documents.


As there is a deadline of 60 days from when you receive an ITA to the submission of your acceptance (and your full application, including all documents) it is a good idea to get as many in place as you can before you receive an Invitation to Apply.


There is no standard list of documents required for Express Entry that applies to everyone. Each applicant is unique and could require a different set of documents to support their case.


Why is there no standard list of Documents required for Immigration to Canada?


This is because the circumstances of every applicant are different.


For example, some applicants are single, some are couples, some have children, some are on their second family with children from previous relationships, some have adopted children, some have lived in Canada and many have not, some have multiple degrees, some have apprenticeships, some have been employed, some have their own businesses, some have medical complaints, some have relatives in Canada and many don’t.


Each one of these situations needs certain documents to support a claim. For this reason, there is no single list of documents that are required for every applicant, and the list of documents you will be required to provide will be unique to you.


Rest assured, your assigned immigration officer will provide a full list of what is required.

Which documents will most likely be requested for Express Entry and Canada PR?


The best you can do is be aware of which documents are essential and which will most likely be requested, and then be as prepared as possible. As always, the immigration officer can request anything they feel they need to help with the decision-making process, so you need to provide whatever they ask for.


Documents you need to take information from at the time of submitting your Express Entry Application


You don’t need to upload documents to submit an Express Entry profile, but you may need information from some or all of these documents:


  • a passport or travel document
  • language test results
  • proof of Canadian education or an educational credential assessment report (ECA) if:
    • you’re applying through the Federal Skilled Workers Program, or
    • you want to get points for education outside Canada
  • provincial nomination (if you have one)
  • written job offer from an employer in Canada (if you have one), proof of work experience, certificate of qualification in a trade
  • occupation issued by a Canadian province or territory (if you have one)
  • proof of funds


Documents you need to submit with your Invitation to Apply (ITA)


If you are invited to apply, you’ll need to upload copies of the documents you took information from for your Express Entry application (see the list above).


Most applicants need to upload the following:


  • police certificates
  • medical exams
  • proof of funds
  • birth certificate – for each applicant including children
  • use of a representative form – if you have chosen not to submit the application yourself, but through a representative.
  • common-law union form – only if you’ve declared your marital status as “common-law”
  • marriage certificate – if you are “married”
  • divorce certificate and/or legal separation agreement – if you are “divorced”
  • death certificate – if you are “widowed”
  • adoption certificate – if a dependent child is “adopted”
  • work references and other supporting proof of work documents such as tax returns, payslips, pension payments, awards, etc.


Other possible documents required for Express Entry depending on your circumstances



Please remember this is not an exhaustive list of documents. You may be asked for more documents.


There is no benefit to leaving the collation of these documents until the last minute. Many applicants who receive an Invitation to Apply, end up having to let it lapse because they did not organize their required documents in time.


Get all your documents required for Express Entry together ahead of time so you can take hold of your opportunity to move to Canada if you receive an Invitation to Apply. It is so sad to see people lose their opportunity by not having their documents ready when their time comes.

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