Compiled by our Editor, this is the Express Entry Checklist you need to have completed before submitting your Express Entry Application


Let’s go through the information you are going to need at hand to complete your express entry profile. Think of it as your Express Entry Checklist.


As discussed before you don’t need all your physical documents ready before submitting your express Entry application although you do need the information on them. In fact you need only a few of them to be eligible to enter the express entry pool as well as the answers to a few questions about yourself, your work history and your personal details.


For your pre Express Entry Application checklist you will need:


  • Your English or/and French language test results document. You will need this for your partner too if they are moving to Canada with you at this point.



  • You will need the personal details of all your immediate family members (partner and children) including their current passport information, their place of birth, if they will be accompanying you to Canada and all general personal information.


  • You will be asked which province you would like to move to, simply choose a province you are interested in. This will not impact offers you gain from other provinces. It will not prevent you from moving to any province. It is just a preference guide, so choose one and know it is not limiting you in any way.


  • You will need to know the amount of available funds you will need to qualify according to the number of people on your application. You will need to ensure you put an amount of available funds which is larger than the minimum required. Please refer to the proof of funds chapter to ensure you know the correct amount of funds required for your unique situation and indeed if you need proof of funds at all. (You don’t need the money now, you just need to know how much will be available when you emigrate to Canada)


  • You will need to know the dates of your employment and employers over the past 10 years. (You don’t need your references at this stage, just the dates and employment information)


  • If you have relatives in Canada, know their relationship to you as you will be asked to submit this. (you won’t be asked their names or details at this stage of the process).


  • If you have a job offer you will need these details.


  • You will need to know the dates of your study or work in Canada if you have lived, studied or worked in Canada before.


  • If you are a Federal Skilled Trades applicant you will need your trade certificate or registration issued for your trade from a Canadian province, a Governing body, or your Red Seal certificate.

With this information to hand you are ready to create and submit your express entry application.

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