A a medical examination Canadian Immigration is mandatory


Why does Canada require a Medical Examination to become a Canadian Permanent Resident?


The Government of Canada has made obtaining a medical examination mandatory to protect the health and safety of Canadians and prevent future burden on Canada’s Health and Social Service system.


The goal of Canada offering permanent residency through the Express Entry program is to improve the economic welfare of Canada. With many medical services in Canada being free, Canada does not want to add unnecessary financial burden onto its medical system so they check to ensure they are not taking on a huge ongoing medical cost of a new migrant.


Who has to have a medical examination?


The primary applicant and everyone else on the application, e.g. your spouse and any children.


Do my family members have to have the medical examination even if they are not accompanying me to Canada at this time?


Yes, all family members on your application must have their medical examination regardless of whether they are traveling to Canada with you now or later through spousal sponsorship.


All accompanying and un-accompanying family members on your application need to do their medical before you will be approved.


Why do my family members need their medicals done even if they are not coming to accompany me to Canada for some years yet?


This is because Canada knows they will accompany you in the future, and they will want to ensure your whole family is medically fit to qualify.


Are there any exemptions to having the medical examination?


Yes, there is an exemption if :


  • you have applied, or you are applying for permanent residence and
  • you are already residing in Canada and
  • you have completed your immigration medical exam in the last 5 years and
  • an IRCC medical officer found your medical exam as low risk or no risk to public health or public safety.


In reality, not many applicants are exempted from taking a medical.


How long will my medical exam be valid?


Your medical exam will be valid for one year. If you do not come to Canada within the year you will need another medical exam prior to entry.


When do I get my medical exam Canada Migration


You normally get this done after you receive your ITA, your invitation to apply to Canada.


It is possible to do your medical prior to receiving an ITA, however, we don’t recommend this as the medical is only valid for a year and if you do not receive an ITA soon after submitting your application to express entry, then you are likely to need another medical examination before you get to Canada.


We recommend that you research your local panel physician, know their charges, and be ready to make an appointment as soon as your ITA comes through.


Which Medical Tests will be required?


The tests you require as standard, vary depending on age


Age 0-4 years –

Physical examination only.

Age 5-10 years –

physical examination and eye and ear test.

11 to 14 years –

a physical examination, an eye, and ear test, and a chest X-ray for tuberculosis.

15 years of age and above –

Physical examination, ear and eye test, chest X-ray for tuberculosis, blood pressure test, and a blood test for syphilis and HIV.

** Please note this can change at short notice so you may require some more tests, it was correct at the time of writing.


Who can do the Medical Test for me?


You must see a doctor on the list of panel physicians, your own doctor cannot do the medical examination.


The “Panel Physicians” are already linked to the Canadian Immigration online system. They are the only doctors approved to conduct the medicals for permanent residency immigration. They will provide the medical results through the online secure system directly to the Canadian Government.


To find a Panel Physician near you please follow this link.




You can choose any Physician you like from this list. You don’t have to attend your nearest Physician.


What is the cost for my medical?


The cost varies between location and doctor. It is usually somewhere between $180 and $350 CAD depending on the tests you require. Do contact your preferred Physician and ask them their charges. You will need to pay this fee at the time of booking your consultation.


How long will the Medical exam take?


The full examination usually takes less than two hours. However, if your case has a complex medical history or other examinations the physician might need to do to ensure you are medically admissible to Canada then it may take longer.

What should I take to my medical examination for Canada Immigration


You will be given a list of documents you are required to take with you when you receive your ITA and any more when you book your medical exam.


This may vary on any medical history you have, although you will always be required to take your passport, your ITA letter, any medications you currently take, and any reports or files you have on any medical conditions you have. If you wear glasses or contact lenses or use hearing aids bring those.


Before you do this, if you do have a serious medical condition, please seek expert advice on how to manage this through the immigration process. Many medical conditions will not make you inadmissible to Canada, while others will, and sometimes it is about how clearly your case is presented as it can go either way.


So please don’t risk it, and deal with anything serious upfront with an expert advisor on the topic. Every single medical case is different so you really need to cover this off with an expert.


What happens after my medical examination for Canada Immigration


The physician will send the results directly to IRCC through their connected online system. The panel physician does not make the final decision about your medical examination, the IRCC will make that decision. It is not up to the doctor you have seen.


The Canadian Government has experts on staff that will assess your medical results to determine if you are passed as medically fit, if they have more tests required to pass you, or if you are medically inadmissible.


If there is any problem with the medical examination, they will contact you in writing about it.

What if the Physician asks me to get further tests?


If you have a prior condition or the Physician finds something that needs further investigation during your medical they may ask you to obtain more tests.


You must follow their instructions otherwise your application will take longer to process and the immigration officer will ask you why you have not done this as it will be submitted in the e-medical system that reports to the Canadian Immigration department.

Acknowledgment letter


You will receive an acknowledgment letter once you have completed your medical tests. It will have a reference number on it. Please keep this in a safe place as you will need to upload this with your other documents for your permanent residency application.


Will I be sent my medical results?


Your medical report will be sent directly to IRCC through the E-medical system, medical reports, and X-rays will not be returned to you.


If you want some information from your medical examination you will need to ask the physician at the time of the medical. They may not be able to accommodate your request, but that is the time to ask. You will not receive your actual test results from the IRCC, only the outcome.


What happens if there is an issue raised from my medical examination?


Immigration will contact you by letter. If this is an issue you already knew about then we hope you would have followed our advice and obtained some expert advice on this particular topic and your advisor would be helping you already.


If this is a new issue discovered at the medical exam then the immigration officer will start a dialogue with you about possible extra tests or costs of care and the process of determining if you are indeed medically inadmissible will begin. Please see the next section about medical inadmissibility for more information on this.

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