Understanding the AINP


What is the AINP Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program?


Alberta is one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces. It lays in Canada’s western region where prairie farmland meets the Rocky Mountains. Alberta is home to an estimated 4.43 million people. Many of the individuals that call Alberta home live in one of its two largest cities: Calgary or Edmonton.


As one of Canada’s most popular provinces thanks to the jobs available in its big cities, Alberta is a destination for individuals immigrating to the Canada. Alberta offers its very own immigration program, the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) for people seeking to work and live in the province.


How does AINP work?


The AINP is a program that allows individuals to immigrant to the province based on a wide range of criteria. The program gives a range of workers, entrepreneurs, and graduates to settle in Alberta on a permanent basis. Canada has multiple provincial programs that allow individuals to immigrate to the country. The AINP is just one that is offered in Canada.


AINP applicants receive a provincial nomination certificate if successful. The nomination allows the applicant and their family members to apply for permanent residency in Canada. If applicable, individuals are able to apply for Citizenship Canada or Immigration Refugees.


Applicants must meet specific language requirements to obtain the AINP. Individuals must show their proficiency in English or French to qualify.


Why immigrate to Alberta?


Alberta is a popular destination for individuals seeking high-quality job opportunities. The province is known for its high quality of life and is Canada’s second-most popular for immigration. Alberta’s capital, Edmonton, is a popular destination for individuals working in the petrol industry. Alberta’s largest city, Calgary, is also a top destination thanks the number of jobs available. Both cities have seen considerable economic growth over the last few years.


What are the AINP Streams?


The AINP provides applicants with three streams. These include:


  • Opportunity Stream – A pathway to permanent Canadian residence for foreign workers. Individuals must have a job offer from an Alberta employer to be eligible for the stream.
  • Express Stream – The pathway allows individuals invited by the province to apply for permanent residency. Candidates are invited to apply with the AINP selection criteria only made known to the applicant. Applicants who obtain a provincial nomination receive 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points. They also receive an invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent Canadian residency from a subsequent draw from the pool of candidates.
  • Self-Employed Farmer Steam – Experienced farmers can apply for the stream as long as they can demonstrate the ability to operate a farm in Alberta.


Who is not eligible to apply for AINP?


Certain individuals are not eligible to apply for the AINP. These ineligible individuals include:


  • Refugee claimants or persons currently involved in a federal appeal or removal process. The AINP program does not prevent a federal refugee claim, appeal, or removal process.
  • Temporary Canadian residents living or working in a Canadian province or territory outside of Alberta.
  • Foreign nationals working or living in Canada who do not possess valid temporary resident status.
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