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Whilst having a Canada work permit is not officially recognised as an Immigration Pathway to Permanent Residency or Citizenship it does often eventually mark the first step in the journey towards these Visas.

Every year over 250,000 people come to Canada on temporary work permits! It is by far the most popular work permit route of any of the major migration hubs in the World. We are proud of our successes and are best placed to assist you.

Obtaining a Canada work permit can be complex although it’s a well trodden path. We will need to work alongside you and your employer to ensure a speedy, efficient and seamless process.

In the first instance you must obtain a job offer from a Canadian employer; This offer must be marked as temporary although we are not referring to casual work, simply that the job offer is for a pre determined length of time usually anywhere from a few days to a number of years.

Please take a look at our Jobs in Canada section to search a live database of over 100,000 jobs in Canada. We do have a dedicated recruitment arm which works alongside clients to secure both a great role and their Canada work permit.

In order for a Canadian Company to make a formal job offer they must have first received a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from an organization called the office of Employment and Social Development Canada, alternatively known as the ESDC. The ESDC must be satisfied that there is no Canadian suitable or available for the position. We have made many representations to the ESDC in respect of LMIA and have the skills and expertise in house to simply get the job done with the minimum of fuss.

Once the Impact Assessment has been completed the employer can issue a formal job offer; this formal offer has to be written in the right way and we will advise you and your employer (if necessary) of the requirements.

After your job offer and LMIA have been documented we will then apply for your Canada Work Visa which should be granted very quickly, in fact we can even potentially have you in Canada within a matter of days.

What skills are in demand for a Canadian work permit?

Because of the way the Canada work visa is structured there are very little barriers or obstacles to overcome aside from marketing your CV and then yourself in the best possible way. It’s true that employers may at times be more hesitant when it comes to employing foreign workers although 250,000 Canada work visas a year do prove that there are plenty of opportunities!

Will you work with my employer to secure my working visa?

Yes, we work with many Companies from SME’s through to some of the most well known Brands in the World.

What is your Canadian Work Permit Package:

From the very start we will ensure that we have all your information in place for your eventual Canada work permit application.
We will apply for any trade recognition certificates, professional accreditations or educational recognitions that will be needed both when applying for jobs and during the work permit process
As a matter of urgency we will rework your CV to a purely Canadian format, ensuring it reflects your skills and expertise. Our CV writing experts know how to make you stand out and they will construct your CV after a detailed consultation with you.
As well as having access to our internal job boards and individually tailored job alerts our in house recruitment team will proactively work on your behalf to bring you exciting opportunities.
We will present you as a candidate for existing advertised roles as well as utilise our networks to uncover those hidden gems and unadvertised positions.
When you present yourself as a candidate the employer will know that you have already instructed us in this matter and that we will take care of the Labour Market Assessment paperwork. We will also work closely with your new employer through every stage of the process.
We will represent you fully with Canadian Immigration and manage the application and granting of your new Canadian Work Permit Visa.

Take our Canadian Visa Assessment today to find out more!