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Canadian Permanent Residency is the ultimate goal of over 90% of our clients, with the rest looking for temporary work permits; the majority of temporary work permits being the first stage though, in securing Permanent Residency status.

What does it mean to have Canadian Permanent Residency?
Being a Permanent resident of Canada means that you and your immediate family are granted the right to live and work in Canada without restriction
You can come and go as you please
Access health care and most other benefits that Citizens of Canada receive
You and your immediate family can access education
And finally you are afforded protection under Canadian law
Permanent Residency is designed to lead eventually to full Citizenship status

Can you get me Canadian Permanent Residency?
During your free consultation and assessment we will find out more about you, your dreams, background, skills and education with a view to assessing whether Permanent Residency is a viable and achievable option If so, together we will work out the best and most viable pathway for you and of course be 100% transparent on all fees, costs, charges and timeframes. We often find that forearmed is forewarned in Canadian Immigration and want to be in possession of the full facts.

What is you can’t help me obtain PR status?
If we can’t assist then we will tell you straight. We find that clients appreciate this approach and its one of our founding principles. It may be that there are other options we can assist with that have the same eventual goal, yet simply take a different overall approach to your Immigration project.

How do I become a Permanent Resident of Canada?
There are five main route to PR status:
Express Entry
Provincial Nomination
Family Sponsorship
Canadian Experience Class
Business Immigration

Is it difficult to apply for Permanent Residency of Canada?
The application is a complex and legal process full of pitfalls. Refusal or rejection can be tough to reverse or appeal against and can lead to significant delays. We believe it is essential you receive the correct Immigration advice and assistance.

How do I get started?
Take our online assessment to receive a free consultation based on the facts. If we can get you there we will, and if we can’t our Canadian Immigration experts will let you know how to improve your chances.

As a final word of caution please don’t be tempted to submit an application in advance of your skills or educational equivalency process. To do so can count as a false or misleading expression of interest.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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