Caregiver Visa Canada


The programs launched by the Canadian government allow foreign caregivers a clearer pathway to gaining Canadian permanent residency. The Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker programs were launched and have opened up the doors for more foreign caregivers to relocate to Canada permanently.


Foreign caregivers will only gain a Canadian work permit if they have an offer to work in the healthcare field. Individuals must also meet the economic immigration program’s criteria to gain their work permit. Foreign caregivers able to meet the guidelines can then begin working in Canada. Once employment begins, individual will start the mandatory two years of work experience to apply for Canadian permanent residence.


How do Canada’s Caregiver Visa Programs work?


The caregiver programs provide individuals with occupation-specific work permits. The permits are different than in the past when employer-specific work permits were given. The alteration allows foreign caregivers to change employers when desired. The new guidelines for the caregiver program offer individuals from outside of Canada and their families a smooth, clear pathway to permanent residency.


Caregivers can also benefit from the open work permits and/or study permits made available. A caregiver’s immediate family can gain one of these permits allowing them to relocate to Canada as well. Work and study permits give families the chance to remain together, benefiting both them and Canada’s healthcare system.


Foreign caregivers will also find a smoother pathway from temporary to permanent residency status in Canada. The clearer pathway ensures individuals who have met the work experience requirements are quickly transitioned into permanent residency.


How to qualify for the Caregiver Canada Visa Program?


Canada uses a two-step process to work in the country as a foreign caregiver. The process has been made smoother by the new caregiver programs.


The pathways are as follows:


Step 1 – Outside of Canada


  • Submit an application for permanent residency, work and/or study permit
  • Receive job offer
  • Pass CLB 5 language level
  • One-year of Canada post-secondary education or foreign equivalent
  • Admissibility
  • Receive an occupation-specific work permit
  • Obtain work or study permits for spouse and/or children


Step 2 – Outside of Canada


  • Confirm once two-years of work experience has been completed and the permanent residency process can be completed


Step 1 – Inside Canada


  • Individuals can use the two-step process outlined previous or continue the completion of current work experience. After two years, individuals can apply for permit residency if they meet the guidelines to do so.


Caregiver Canada Visa Program applicants


The Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker has a limited number of places available. The two programs have a maximum of 2,750 places available per year. A total of 5,500 applicants combined will be allowed into the caregiver programs along with their immediate families.


Caregivers will only be eligible for a work permit if they have received a job offer. Once an individual begins their employment, they will start their two-years of work experience on the pathway to permanent residency. The new caregiver programs give greater options to foreign caregivers seeking the chance to live and work in Canada with their immediate families by their sides.

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