The very nature of Global Migration is that certain key skills and criteria are in demand the World over.


And the same applies to both Canada and Australia.


Some people know instinctively where they need to be. Maybe family holidays or past work and study experiences have led them to pick either Canada or Australia and whilst we obviously have a Canadian bias there are many who are looking for a comparison between the immigration systems of two of the most wonderful countries on the planet.


The Australia Immigration System and the Canadian platforms are of course very different, although these days they share the same underlying aims; To pick the very best candidates from a pool of potential Skilled Migrants who have expressed an interest in emigrating.


Expressing an interest to emigrate to Canada or Australia is obviously more than a passing inquiry, it is the culmination of a prescribed set of steps that must be undertaken, from immigration points calculation right the way through to having your occupation or exam results assessed by a third party body toed to one of the Immigration programs. In many cases it will also involve sitting and passing a language test. In the case of Australia this language test is English and for Canada it can be English, French or even both in exceptional circumstances.


Once your ‘expression of interest’ is lodged both systems remain fairly similar except that Canada places more emphasis on securing an offer of employment to increase your chances of being selected from the database. Australia has slightly different rules in the a job offer will usually lead to a different type of visa, the TSS employer sponsored visa class.


However, some individual States and Territories in Australia now also require an offer of employment to be able to emigrate on a 190 Permanence Residency Visa class. One of the biggest and most popular states to have this caveat in place is Western Australia, and we expect that over time many other States and Territories will follow suit. If you are considering Immigrating to Australia on a Permanent Residency Visa we recommend taking our Free Visa Assessment and placing Australia as your preferred occupation.


Can I apply to Canadian and Australian Immigration at the same time?


Absolutely! Although we must stress that in doing so the work involved on both your and our part is effectively doubled. It is certainly an option though for those who know they want to leave their existing country and who want to give themselves the very best immigration options.


As a brief overview a successful applicant for Australian Permanent Residency migration must be:


  • Aged under 45 at time of being called forward
  • Have an occupation that is on one of the Australian Occupation in Demand Lists
  • Score a minimum of 65 points on the Australian Migration Points Index


For more information on Immigrating to Canada or making a dual Canadian and Australian Immigration application feel free to take our free visa assessment by pressing one of the visa assessment buttons on this page.

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