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Those with Skilled Trades are in very high demand in Canada. So much so that they have their own Canada Visa class; Federal Skilled Trades Worker.

This Visa program is designed especially for those with Skilled Trades; Electricians, Welders, Construction workers, Bricklayers, Carpenters, Plumbers, Technicians, those in Agriculture, Processing, Chefs, bakers, Butchers to name a few have great opportunities to Immigrate to Canada using their skills.

All Immigration programs are based on supply and demand factors and those with the right skills are in short supply in Canada. This means then that not only can you secure a Permanent residency Visa but that your employment prospects and earnings potential are maximised.

As a basic requirement you must have at least two years experience in your trade, and a good level of English. The experience can either be two years solid or two years worth of experience gained over a longer period. For the English requirements we are the only Canada Visa Consultancy to offer free online tuition to clients if they need it, or if they just need to brush up on a few English skills.

The other thing we will need to do is have your Skills Assessed as comparative to Canadian Qualifications. We will take care of the complex and lengthy paperwork processes involved in this process because its very important it gets done right, first time because refusal of these documents may lead to significant delays in your application. After your paperwork has been approved we will then arrange your practical skills test with the right assessment board for you.

After we have approval from the skills board we will set to work lodging your Express Entry profile and start the recruitment process for you. Again, we are really proud of being the only Canada Visa Company that has an in house recruitment team who can work on your behalf to secure a great role in Canada.

Do I need a Job for this Visa?
No, applicants can be offered the Federal Skilled Trades Visa via Express Entry without a job offer. It does however help if you do have one. Obviously it goes without saying that we can assist any employer you may find to make the right job offer in the right format.

How long will the process take?
The Canadian Visa process is one of the most efficient Immigration programs in the World. Expect the whole process to take

Do I have to move to Canada immediately when my Visa is granted?
Once your Visa is granted you have up to one year to ‘activate’ your visa which is done the first time you pass through Immigration. You can then return home or live outside Canada for almost 3 years although for most people once they’ve come this far they want to move their life as soon as possible.

Take our free online assessment and check your eligibility to apply for the Federal Skilled Trades Worker Visa today.

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