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OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program)


The provinces of Canada have the power to welcome immigrants from all over the globe to their borders. Individuals must reside within the province that nominates them for immigration.


The province of Ontario’s Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (ONIP) enables the provincial government to nominate persons for immigration. Of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs, the ONIP is one of the most diverse, dynamic, and varied. It has categories and streams created to welcome individuals with various skills as business persons, skilled workers, and graduates.


Immigrate to Ontario with OINP


Ontario is seen as the top province to move to for individuals both inside and outside of Canada. In 2022, Ontario had a population of over 14.5 million people. It is the crown jewel of Canada in terms of provinces to live and work in.


Four of Canada’s 10 largest cities are in Ontario. These cities (Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, and Kitchner) are destinations for many immigrants who relocate to Canada. Each offers a variety of job opportunities and a high standard of living.


Toronto is often seen as the ideal city to live in for individuals seeking employment in fields as diverse as finance, hospitality, and media. Meanwhile, Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and offers a variety of job opportunities to skilled workers and business persons.


How does ONIP work


The ONIP is designed to help individuals through various pathways. The different pathways offered gives applicants options when seeking immigration to Canada.


The three categories under the ONIP:


  • Human Capital
  • Employer Job Offer
  • Business


Human Capital Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program


There are five streams in the Human Capital program and it is divided into two categories. The categories are the Express Entry streams and the International Graduate Streams.


The program’s Express Entry streams are aligned with Canada’s federal Express Entry pathway. Candidates can only use the Express Entry steams if they have an active Express Entry profile. They must also have an invitation to apply for a provincial nomination.


The Human Capital offers the following streams:


  • Human Capital Priorities (Express Entry)
  • French-Speaking Skilled Worker (Express Entry)
  • Skilled Trades (Express Entry)
  • Masters Graduate (Graduate)
  • PhD Graduate (Graduate)


Employer Job Offer OINP


Ontario businesses are allowed to extend job offers to foreign workers and international students. Individuals may reside in Canada or abroad when applying for the program.


The three streams for applicants to apply to through the Employer Job Offer program:


  • Foreign Worker
  • International Student
  • In-Demand Skills


Business OINP


Business category offers individuals two different streams. The streams are:


  • Entrepreneur
  • Corporate


Apply for Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program


To be successful for the ONIP, applicants must:


  • Ensure they qualify for the program
  • Apply to be nominated by the government of Ontario
  • Apply for permanent residency with the government of Canada


The ONIP targets applicants that have skills and certain work and education experiences. Canada offers these individuals the chance to live temporary or permanently in the Ontario province. Through programs like the ONIP, Canada strengthens its provinces with skilled and educated individuals capable of improving the fabric of the country.

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