Understanding the Canadian Provincial Nominee Visa


The Provincial Nominee Program remains a fast track to Permanent Residency with each Province managing its own version of the Program, specific to the economic development needs to the individual territories.


For many families and individuals, Provincial Nomination is an excellent pathway to Canadian PR. It is so popular because it adds 600 points to their comprehensive ranking system score, and tends to ‘speed up’ the process of Canadian Immigration.


Many of the individual Canadian Provinces have adopted the Express Entry Visa system although some still work on a traditional paper based application route. Also, it’s important to remember that most Provinces will have certain caveats in place.


Provincial Nomination will require one of the following:



If you are in that situation that you don’t have a job offer, then you could possibly consider Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. Each of these provinces has its own way of picking people based on either your occupation code, a connection you might have to the province or your comprehensive ranking system score.

How do I start?


The PNP visa is not an ‘easier’ visa to apply for or be granted and we must work on making your case eligible in terms of the Provinces requirements before we make the formal application.


Create & Lodge an Express Entry Profile Today, It Costs Nothing to Lodge your application and from that point you can work on improving your chances (if needed).


Guide to Provincial Nominee Visa Programs:


Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program:


Alberta recently issued a total of 251 Notifications of Interest to Express Entry candidates with Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) scores starting at 400.


One week later there were 220 NOIs sent out to 220 candidates with CRS scores as low as 303.


The BC Provincial Nominee Visa Program:


Over the past 12 months British Columbia’s Express Entry-linked immigration categories issued 3,100 nominations for Canadian permanent residence in 2018, a new report from the provincial government reveals.


Nearly 2,000 of these nominations went to candidates in the Express Entry B.C. (EEBC): Skilled Worker Category


Manitoba Provincial Nominee Visa Program:


Manitoba is very much open for Immigration. This Canadian province is a land of outstanding natural beauty and opportunity. It’s clean, safe cities offer Skilled Migrants a relaxed and rewarding lifestyle combined with a relatively low cost of living. The often overlooked Manitoba remains one of our favourite Migration destinations. Manitoba has been welcoming immigrants for over 100 years and is a place of great cultural diversity with over 200 languages being spoken.


New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Visa Program (NBPNP)


Potential applications to the NBPNP are done through expression of interest / Express Entry. New Brunswick is very much open to nominating the right applications that will fill some critical gaps in their economy and contribute to future successes. Because this is an Express Entry based PNP we must first work to evidence your English ability, Educational attainment and work experience. New Brunswick is currently open to any occupation on a current NOC list and the visa is of course Permanent.


Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Visa Program (NLPNP)


Potential applicants must to either the Skilled Worker or International Graduate Stream. Skilled Workers must have a guaranteed offer of employment, or be already working in Newfoundland on a valid Work Permit. Those in the International Student stream have a Post Graduate Work Visa and a job or at least a job offer from a Newfoundland employer.


Northwest Territories Nominee Visa Program


Managers, Professionals and those with Skilled Trades with valid job offers will find themselves in favour in the Northwest Territories. In addition applicants are also welcomed from those lower down the NOC list but who still provide critical and essential roles; the aptly named Critical Impact Workers. The Provincial Government encourages employers to look to Skilled Migrants to fill serious gaps in the local talent pool.


Ontario Immigrant Nominee Visa Program


Very much open for the right skills. Either a valid job offer is required or an applicant must have either a Masters or PHD. The team at Immigrate Canada will work to find you a suitable offer of valid employment in Ontario if this is your chosen destination.


The OINP searches the Express Entry pool and identifies potential candidates who:


Meet the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) in IRCC’s Express Entry system which are 400 CRS and meet the criteria of Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream.


Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Visa Program


Prince Edward Island has really taken it’s Immigration Visa program to heart and has actively managed the flow of inbound Skilled Migration for over 15 years and applicants can either be granted Permanent Residency as a result of a Job Offer or Direct Nomination by the Immigration Office of Prince Edward Island.


Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Visa Program


The International Skilled Worker visa class is aimed at skilled workers who want to live in Saskatchewan. This class enables Saskatchewan to nominate applicants who have the right skills to successfully establish and integrate into the area. No job offer is required for this Provincial Nominee Visa program.


The Yukon Nominee Visa Program (YNP): The YNP streams for Skilled Workers is locally driven and based on the needs of Yukon employers. These employers are encouraged to recruit internationally when local applicants are unsuitable. The local Yukon Immigration Office also selects applicants who have the skills needed locally, and nominates them to receive Canadian permanent resident visas with no need for a valid job offer.