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What is the Super Visa Canada Program?


Individuals cannot achieve their goals and reach full potential when separated from their families. This is especially true when individuals immigrate to a new country but leave their loved ones behind.


Canada is well aware of the role immigrants and foreign students and workers make to the country. That is why the Canadian Government offers options to individuals to bring their families and loved ones to Canada.


One of the programs that can be accessed by immigrants and their families is the Super Visa Program. The program has been developed to help individuals settle in Canada along and bring their family members to the country to support them and fulfill their full potential.


Canadian Super Visa


The Super Visa Canada Program allows a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to bring their parents and/or grandparents to Canada to stay. The program enables individuals to remain in Canada for up to two years at a time.


Parents and/or grandparents can receive multiple entries into Canada for up to 10 years. The length of the program enables families to stay together and spend time with one another. At the end of the 10-year entry window, there are pathways Canadian citizens and residents can pursue to keep their family members within Canada.


Who is eligible for the Super Visa Canada?


To be eligible for the Canadian Super Visa Program applicants (children or grandchildren) must provide a later of invitation and meet minimum specific income requirement. The applicants are the individuals that must show income requirements proving that they can take care of family members upon arrival.


After children or grandchildren submit their documentation, it is now up to the parents and/or grandparents to provide their own set of documents. Parents and/or grandparents must submit the same letter of invitation in addition to proof of Canadian medical insurance. Individuals must also meet a set of minimum requirements with Super Visa Insurance. The insurance must cover up to one year of the stay upon the date of entry into Canada.


How do you buy Canadian Super Visa Insurance?


Parents and/or grandparents can purchase Canadian Super Visa Insurance from a qualified insurance company in Canada. The insurance should cover a variety of items including healthcare, hospitalization, and repatriation to country of origin.


The minimum coverage level that individuals must have is CAD $100,000. The policy must be valid upon each entry into the country. Parents and/or grandparents must show proof of Canadian Super Visa Insurance every time they enter the country.


Is the Canadian Super Visa Program popular?


The Canadian Super Visa Program has been used by a wide variety of individuals to reunite with their children and/or grandchildren. The program began in 2011 and after just six years of being in practice, it had welcomed over 89,000 people into the country.


Between 2016 and 2023, the majority of participants of the Canadian Super Visa Program were from Pakistan, India, and China. Individuals from countries as diverse as Russia, Iran, and the Philippines have also used the Canadian Super Visa Program.


Canada aims to keep families together and the Canadian Super Visa Program is just another way the country fulfills its mission.

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