Chad Embassy Ottawa Canada

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Contact Details for the Chad Embassy in Ottawa Canada


Address : 350 Sparks Street Suite 802


Ottawa ON K1R 7S8


Phone 1 : (+1) (613) 680-3322

Phone 2: (+1) (613) 421-1189

Fax : (+1) (613) 695-6622

Email : .

Website :



Opening hours of the Chad Embassy in Ottawa


The Office opening hours are:


Mon – Fri :  08:45-17:00


Please always ensure you contact the Embassy prior to visiting as the Chad Embassy follows a collection of Canadian Public Holidays as well as Chad Public Holidays, and these dates do change from year to year.  Contact the Embassy directly to check it will be open on the day you plan to attend.


Chad Embassy Appointments


If you need to make an appointment with the Embassy of Chad, this can be done by contacting the embassy on :  (+1) (613) 680-3322.  


You may need to make an appointment for services such as: 


  • Passport and Visa interviews 


  • Notarization of Documentation 


  • Witnessing Documents


  • Citizenship interviews for children born overseas to parents with citizenship of Chad


  • Other requirements for your visas, travel, licensing checks, documentation requirements or advice.


The Embassy has certain times available for appointments and these vary month to month.  So do please make contact and secure an appointment.  Don’t simply show up without an appointment at the Chad Embassy as you may find you will need to come back another day for a set appointment. 


Services offered by the Chad Embassy Ottawa Canada


About the Chad Embassy in Canada


The Chad Embassy in Ottawa, provides a range of Embassy and Consular services to Chad, Canadian and international citizens in Canada needing services related to Chad


The Chad Embassy in Ottawa, Canada provides services for:


  • General or specific information regarding the Chad economy, culture, sports and education.


  • Chad Citizenship Information.  Including the documentation requirements, the process and the timeframe for obtaining Chad Citizenship.  This may be for people of Chad Descent or for children born overseas as well as situations such as immigration and adoption.  The embassy can answer you directly or advise you on what you need to do. 


  • Specific contacts and information in Chad – such as contacts for doing business in Chad or Government departments in Chad to help you with your specific requirements.


  • Chad Visas.  The Embassy takes applications and processes visa applications for Canadians and International citizens wishing to visit, do business in or live permanently in Chad


  • Chad Passports – The Chad takes applications for and delivers Chad passports for Chad applicants.


Visas and Passports for Chad


Further information on Visas and Passports via the Chad Embassy Ottawa Canada


Visas for Chad


There are many different kinds of visas for Chad.  Each type of visa is for different circumstances and each type of visa requires different documentation.  There are visitor visas, business visas, partner visas, temporary visas, permanent residency visas, study visas and more.  


Please look on our website and make contact with us at the Embassy via the contact details above to ensure you are following the correct process and that you will have the needed documentation at your appointment.  


Visas can take time to obtain.  The timeframes can be from a few days for simple visas to many months for more complex visas.  Give yourself as much time as possible to obtain your visa.  Contact us to find out the timeframes to expect on the specific visa type you are looking to apply for.


Canadian Visas for citizens of Chad


If you are seeking services or documents in relation to being a citizen of Chad looking to obtain or extend your Canadian Visa – you can obtain more information here – Canadian Immigration and Visa information.  Or take our free Visa Assessment to determine which Canadian Visas you are eligible for:


Passports for Chad Citizens.


Passports can be applied for or renewed at the Embassy.  The process can take a few weeks, so please don’t leave your Chad passport application or renewal to the last minute.  


Contact us to ensure you have the full set of documentation required for your passport appointment.  You are going to need ID documents and supporting paperwork as well as the passport application and fee.  


Simply contact us to be confident you have everything and to ensure things will go smoothly with your passport.  Contacting us prior to your visit to the Chad Embassy in Canada will have you avoid any disappointment of needing to make multiple visits for your passport application or renewal.



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