Documents Needed Before Your Express Entry Application

Documents Needed Before Your Express Entry Application


To submit your application to the Express Entry Pool you don’t actually need all your supporting documents ready to submit.


In most applications, there are very few documents that you require to submit your Express Entry.


Federal Skilled Worker Applications need:


1 – Language test

2 – Education Credential Assessment (ECA)


Federal Skilled Trade Applications need:


1 – Language Test

2 – Trade Certification or Qualification issued by a Canadian Authority or

3 – A Valid full-time job offer


Canadian Experience Class:


1 – Language Test

These documents and the information you draw from them, are what you need to submit your Express Entry application.


You will also need: 


  • a valid passport for you and anyone else (spouse or children) applying with you,
  • unless you are exempt through having a valid job offer and already authorized to work in Canada, you will need to know the approximate funds you will be taking to Canada – to demonstrate you meet the minimum required threshold (please note you do not need proof of your funds yet, just to know that you have the required amount or more), and
  • your NOC code,
  • If you are applying for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, you must have 67 points.


If you have a spouse it is wise to have their Language test results and ECA as well.


All other supporting documents will only be required after you receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA).


When should I submit my Express Entry Application?


Submit your Application as soon as you are eligible to do so.


You need to be in the Express Entry pool of candidates to be considered for an invitation to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada.


Another reason to act as soon as possible is so that you are not impacted negatively by any Immigration changes that might come in the future. Changes don’t normally apply to applications already submitted.


The sooner you submit, the sooner you can be granted an Invitation to Apply.



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