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Immigrate to Canada without a job offer Alberta PNP

Immigrate to Canada without a job offer Alberta PNP


Alberta is Canada’s fourth-most populous province and the Western Canadian province is a popular destination for individuals seeking to immigrate to the Great White North. Popular cities for immigration across Alberta are Calgary and Edmonton, two hubs for businesses, education, and tourism.


Even without a job offer, you can immigrate to Alberta using the Alberta Express Entry stream. In addition to the popular Express Entry route, you can also apply for immigration through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).


Immigration to Canada using the Express Entry is based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Points are tallied based on human capital factors. In most Express Entry cases, you do not need a job offer. However, a job offer will typically result in a higher number of points. This will give you a better chance of being invited to apply for permanent Canadian residence.


The Canadian PNP was started to ensure a balanced distributions of immigration throughout the Great White North. Provinces that participate in the program have the opportunity to nominate a specified number of economic immigrants each year for permanent residence. Each province runs its own PNP and each has its own requirements for nomination.


If you want to immigrate to Canada using the PNP pathway, you must be nominated by the province in which you wish to live and work in. There is at least one “enhanced” nomination pathway in each Canadian province. This “enhanced” nomination pathway is lined to Canada’s federal Express Entry route. Foreign nationals without a job offer have the Alberta PNP as one route to immigrate to Canada.



How to Immigrate to Canada without a job offer Alberta PNP


The PNP gives Canada’s provinces and territories the chance to nominate people seeking to immigrate to Canada and live in a specific province. Canada aims to welcome more than 80,000 immigrants a year under the program.


Canada’s provinces and territories, except for Quebec and Nunavut, have their own PNP route. The provinces of Canada determine their own criteria for eligible candidates and the selection of those candidates. PNP pathways use an expression of interest system and invite the highest scoring candidates for regular draws.


Why should you immigrate to Alberta without a job offer?


Alberta is Canada’s fourth largest province. Its cities of Calgary and Edmonton are hubs for work. Both cities are popular choices for individuals seeking immigration. Alberta accepts around 40,000 new immigrants every year.


The province is home to around 13% of Canada’s immigrant population. This number makes Alberta the third-highest in terms of immigrants. Ontario and British Columbia have higher immigration populations than Alberta, with Ontario having the most at nearly 45%.


Alberta has a population of around 4.5 million people. The main industries in Alberta revolve around natural resources including mining, oil, and natural gas.


Alberta immigration without a job offer


You can apply to live and work in Alberta through the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP). One of the routes offered by the AINP is the Alberta Express Entry path. This pathway does not require you to have a job offer prior to making the application.


The Alberta Express Entry route is an enhanced PNP pathway to immigration. It is linked to the Canadian Express Entry stream. Candidates of the Express Entry pathway who receive a provincial nomination from Alberta are awarded 600 points for their CRS score. The addition of 600 points basically guarantees them the chance to apply for permanent residence in Canada.


You must create an Express Entry profile and indicate your desire to settle permanently in Alberta to receive a notification of interest. Once you complete this first step, you will be able to move onto the next stage of Alberta immigration.


Requirements for Alberta Express Entry


For you to be eligible to receive a notification of interest for Alberta immigration, you must:


  • have a valid Express Entry profile registered on the IRCC Express Entry system
  • have stated a desire to immigrate to Alberta
  • work in an occupation that supports Alberta’s economic development
  • have a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 300


You can improve your chances of receiving a notice of interest, if you:


  • have a job offer in Alberta or previous work experience in the province
  • are a graduate of a Canadian post-secondary institution
  • have a parent, child, or sibling who is a permanent resident or Canadian citizen and they live in Alberta


Why does Canada need immigration?


Canada has set a target of welcoming more than 400,000 immigrants per year in 2021, 2022, and 2023. In total, Canada will welcome over 1.2 million new immigrants to the country by the time the current immigration program is over. If you have ever wanted to immigrate permanently to Canada, especially Alberta, then now is the time to do it.


Skilled workers are vital to Canada’s growth and development. Skill immigrants support Canada’s high living standards and benefit greatly from living in the country. Canada’s aging population and low birth rate has made immigration vital to Canada’s future.


The immigration of skilled workers support Canada’s labor force and economic development. Skilled workers who arrive in Canada have work experience, strong language skills, and high educations. They also have a desire to succeed. This injection of human capital improves Canada as a whole and provides those individuals with a high standard of living.


Additional Alberta immigration streams


There are five pathways to choose form for Alberta immigration. The five immigration pathways include:


  • Alberta Opportunity Stream: This is for skilled workers who are currently employed in an eligible occupation in Alberta.
  • Alberta Express Entry Stream: Candidates in the Express Entry system who have a CRS score of at least 300 and who are currently working in an eligible occupation.
  • Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Stream: This route is for individuals who want to operate a farming business in Alberta.
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream: This route is for international graduates of a designated post-secondary institution located in Alberta, who wish to start a company/business in the province.
  • Foreign Graduate Start-Up Visa: The pathway is for foreign nationals who graduated from a United States education institution and wish to open a business in Alberta.


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