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Canada Ranked Top Nation on Immigration and Investment

Canada Ranked Top Nation on Immigration and Investment


Canada is now the second most liked country in the world. With a variety of top marks from immigration and investment to other categories, Canada has moved up from sixth place on the Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index.


Canada Ranked #1


The Nation Brands Index measures the reputation of 60 countries around the world. The 2018 survey gathered 26,000 customer reviews and is based on interviews conducted in 60 nations last year. The 2017 report surveyed 20,000 people and 50 countries.


Canada was ranked #1 in the world for its country’s ability to attract immigrants, foreign workers, and international students — as well as quality of life and business environment. Canada received a perfect score in the quality of life category, including: education, health care, housing, personal safety, and overall satisfaction with life. When it comes to the business environment, Canada ranks in the top three alongside Singapore and Hong Kong for its efficiency of customs clearance procedures.


Canada is an Upstanding Nation


Canada’s excellent score in global governance can be attributed to that country’s high rankings in the areas of international engagement and environmental sustainability. In other high-ranking areas, Canada demonstrates its commitment to human rights, positive relations with its neighbors, and democratic accountability.


Canada is an upstanding nation — it’s government is fair and just, and it champions the causes of peace, fairness, and environmental sustainability. And in these dark times, we need to be reminded of that.


In the category of People, Canada has been ranked as #1 for its people. Canada is the number one country in the world to live in according to the report survey. The report analyzed various factors such as economic stability, quality of life, and society to rank countries on their overall livability.


Canada remains steady in the other three categories: exports, tourism, and culture. In the exports category, Canada ranks favorably when it comes to opinions of a country’s products and services. For tourism, the level of interest in visiting a country is measured. Finally, in the culture category, a country’s heritage and appreciation for contemporary culture is assessed.


Canada has been in the top three for a while now, but in the past couple of years, they have been in second place after Germany. What is Germany’s secret? Germany’s strengths are in exports, immigration and investment, governance, and culture.


Canada has overtaken the U.K., which held the second-place spot previously


The U.K. dropped to fifth place overall this year. It has a positive perception of its culture, exports, and immigration and investment, but its weaknesses are in global perceptions of its people and governance.


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