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Check Your Eligibility

Check Your Eligibility for Canada Immigration – Are You Wanted in Canada?


Canada is a nation of immigrants. In fact, one out of every five Canadians was born in another country. This means that there are thousands upon thousands of people who want to move from their countries to Canada. This means that Canada is able to apply their own criteria as to who is eligible to Immigrate to Canada, and who is not.


Canada holds the number two spot on the list of most popular places for immigrants to settle after Australia and this is because it has a great quality of life and a safe environment. It also offers stronger prospects for employment opportunities compared to other nations – with over 91 percent working population holding some sort of job opportunity .




Check Your Eligibility for Express Entry


What Is Canada Express Entry?


Express entry is a selection process carried out by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) with the purpose of helping immigrants settle in Canada. This system aims to make it easier for those who wish to immigrate to Canada as workers, students, or family members to gain permanent resident status. The eligibility criteria are based on the applicant’s profile that reflects their age, education, work experience, language ability and other personal information such as intended location of residence. Based on certain factors such as your age and education level among others you can be given a certain number of points which will determine your Eligibility to Immigrate to Canada.


Each of the three immigration programs handled within the Express Entry System is very different, with distinct eligibility criteria.


Here we have given a very brief summary of each program so you can determine which of the programs might be for you.  We will then cover the steps required to apply for each program in great detail.


1 – Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)


The federal skilled worker program is for applicants that wish to move to Canada who have the following:


  • An occupation that is needed or “in demand” in Canada
  • Have skilled work experience in that occupation of at least 1 year full-time.
  • Have a higher education credential. (Certificate, Diploma, Degree, etc)
  • Language test results in either English or French
  • Have proof of funds to support yourself and your family in your move to Canada or have a valid Canadian job offer.
  • Score a minimum of 67 points under the Federal Skilled Worker application points calculation


There is a list that includes all the occupations that qualify for this program. This list is called the NOC list, and It includes thousands of occupations. If your occupation is one of the many on this occupation list, then this is likely the program for you to investigate.




2 – Federal Skilled Trades Program (FST)


The Federal Skilled Trades Program is for applicants that wish to move to Canada who:


  • Are skilled tradespeople working in one of the trades required by Canada as in-demand trades
  • Have at least 2 years of full-time work experience in that Trade within the past 5 years
  • Have a qualifying job offer to work in Canada or have obtained a Canadian Trade equivalency certificate issued by a relevant authority in Canada
  • Have passed a language test in either English or French


If you don’t have a Canadian job offer you will need to show proof of funds to support yourself and your family in your move to Canada.


For the Federal Skilled Trades program, there is no points threshold to meet, you must simply meet the above criteria, and at that point, you qualify to apply.


3 – Canadian Experience Class Program (CEC)


The Canadian Experience Class Program is designed to provide an immigration pathway for people who have at least one year of full-time skilled work experience in Canada.


To qualify you must:


  • Have at least one year of full-time skilled work experience in Canada within the past three years
  • Pass a language test in either English or French


If you meet these criteria, then you qualify to submit an application within the express entry system.




Requirements for all Express Entry applications


Do note that for all the programs you must be considered admissible to Canada, this is related to not being “criminally” inadmissible – and not being “medically” inadmissible. If you are healthy and with no criminal history this should not be a problem.


Further paths to Canadian Immigration


Please also remember there are many ways to immigrate to Canada. We cover some of these alternative routes in an introductory way here: Provincial Nomination Program and here: Study in Canada as a path to residency (including for older applicants).


There are some 100+ different programs to move to Canada and it is highly likely there will be a valid path for you.



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