Canadian Permanent Residency

Cost of Permanent Residency

Cost to Achieve Permanent Residency in Canada


There are costs involved in obtaining Permanent Residency to Canada.  Here we will break those down and get you clear on when they will be required to be paid.


Cost Pre Express Entry Submission


Submitting your application into the Express Entry pool is free.  The Canadian Government does not charge you for that part of the process.

However, to qualify for submitting your application to the Express Entry pool, you will need 2 documents that do have a cost to obtain.


  • your language test


You will need to sit either the English or French test or both.  Plus if your spouse is accompanying you and they speak English or French it is wise to have them sit the language test/s as well, however, it is not compulsory.


The Average cost of each language test is $300 CAD


  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)


Before you submit an express entry application you will need your ECA.  This assessment will determine your educational equivalence when compared to Canadian standard qualifications.  If your spouse has post-secondary formal education of 2 years or more, they should obtain their ECA as well, however, it is not compulsory.


The Average cost of your ECA is $200 CAD


The good news is that these two documents are the only ones you need to pay for to submit your Express Entry application to be considered for Permanent Residency to Canada.




Cost after receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA)


Once you receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency of Canada you will be required to submit a further range of documents to confirm your eligibility for Permanent Residency.  Some of these documents have a fee to obtain.




You will need to provide your Biometrics to the Government of Canada


Cost of your Biometrics – $85 – $100 CAD per person


Cost of Permanent Residency: Medical Examination fees


Each person on your application will need to undergo a medical to ensure they are medically fit.


The average cost of medical exam fees – $450 – $650 CAD per adult and $250 – $375 CAD per child.


(please note if any of your immediate family have serious medical conditions further tests may be required at further cost to you)


Police Clearance Certificates (PCC)


for each country you have lived in for more than 6 months.


The average cost of a PCC – $100 – $300 per country.


Cost of Permanent Residency: Canadian Government Fees


the Canadian Government fees are broken down into 2 parts – the first is the actual visa processing fee for your permanent residency visa and the second is the “Right of Permanent Residency” fee.  These fees are paid when you submit your documents to accept the invitation to apply for permanent residency.


The government visa processing fee is $825 CAD each for the primary applicant and their spouse or common-law partner, and $225 CAD for each dependent child (under 22 years of age).


The “Right of PR “ fee of $500 each is only payable by the primary applicant and their spouse, there is no “right of PR “ fee for dependent children.


So, in summary, the total fees are as follows:


  1. Language tests: Average cost – $300
  2. Educational Credential Assessment (ECA): Average cost – $200
  3. Biometrics: $85/person
  4. Medical examination fees: average cost – $450/adult & $250/child
  5. Police clearance certificates: average cost – $100/country
  6. Canada PR visa fee for the primary applicant and their spouse of $825 CAD each and a Canada PR fee of $225 CAD for each dependent child under 22 years.
  7. The “Right to Permanent Residency” fee of $500 CAD each for the primary applicant and their spouse.


Please note – these fees are subject to change and can vary from country to country.  Also, note that you may have to obtain translations of required documents if they are in foreign languages.  These will be at your own cost and be arranged by you.  Please see our chapter on translations for more information on how to go about this.


Also, note that there is the required amount of funds that you have to show the Canadian Government that you have available for your use in immigrating to Canada. This amount is not a fee, you don’t pay it to the Government.  It is simply an amount of money that is yours, that you can use to support yourself and your family through the initial period of arriving and settling in Canada.


For that reason it is not listed as a “cost” here.  You can find out more about the proof of funds requirements here



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