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Emigrate Canada Appoints Migration Consultant LLC

EmigrateCanada.com appoints Migration Consultant LLC to Expand Canada Immigration Services


After a strategic review of EmigrateCanada.com business by Deloitte Capital Partners, the Board are delighted to announce our new strategic partnership with MigrationConsultant.com to handle all of Emigrate Canada’s Corporate and Individual inbound Canadian Immigration Services.


In a move poised to redefine the landscape of Canada’s immigration services, EmigrateCanada.com has officially appointed MigrationConsultant.com to oversee its significant immigration business operations. This partnership marks a pivotal moment for both entities, significantly enhancing the immigration process for those dreaming of a new life in Canada.


EmigrateCanada.com is renowned for its comprehensive support and guidance in navigating Canada’s immigration pathways and has always been at the forefront of offering tailored immigration solutions for 30 years.


By partnering with Migration Consultant LLC, EmigrateCanada.com leverages the cutting-edge technology and deep regulatory knowledge, ensuring a seamless and efficient immigration experience for clients. MigrationConsultant.com is a leading company in global immigration, helping people, families and businesses move to Canada and Australia (and everywhere in-between). They offer expert advice and services for all kinds of immigration needs, whether it’s getting a visa, becoming a citizen or helping companies with their employees’ international moves.


The collaboration between EmigrateCanada.com and Migration Consultant LLC underscores a shared commitment to client satisfaction. With a focus on providing specialized support tailored to individual needs and circumstances the partnership ensures that clients receive not just advice, but a comprehensive ‘done for you’ service from start to finish.


Appointed after a competitive tender that included some of the world’s leading immigration boutiques, Migration Consultant LLC was selected to handle all of the EmigrateCanada.com business. This significant achievement underscores the firm’s exceptional expertise, comprehensive service offerings and commitment to delivering tailored immigration solutions. Head of Immigration services, Alexander King commented, “Migration Consultant LLC’s success in this competitive process highlights its standing as a top-tier provider in the global immigration services sector, ready to take on complex challenges and deliver results that exceed expectations.”


Migration Consultant LLC


Migration Consultant LLC is a premier immigration consultancy firm that offers tailored solutions for individuals and families. Firmly established in the Corporate Relocation sector, the firms Directors have moved to expand their Family & Individual relocation teams to both Canada and Australia.


Appointed after a competitive tender process that included some of the World’s leading Immigration Boutiques, Migration Consultant LLC was successfully appointed is at the forefront of global immigration services, offering unparalleled support and expert guidance to individuals, families, and organizations worldwide. With a mission to facilitate seamless transitions across borders, Migration Consultant LLC specializes in delivering comprehensive immigration solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.


Commenting on the deal, the Board of Emigrate Canada commented, “Migration Consultant LLC really listens to their clients to understand their needs and goals. They use their vast experience, global network, and the latest technology to create personalized plans for each client, making sure everyone gets the best possible advice and service. Their team is made up of experienced immigration lawyers and consultants who are experts in their field.”


Deal Financing


As part of the deal, MigrationConsultant.com acquired a majority stake in EmigrateCanada.com, along with a 3 seats on the board. This strategic move not only signifies a significant expansion of Migration Consultant LLC’s portfolio but also reinforces its influence and leadership within the global immigration services industry.


Through this acquisition, Migration Consultant LLC aims to leverage EmigrateCanada.com’s established presence and expertise in the Canadian immigration sector to enhance service offerings and drive innovative solutions for clients looking to move to Canada.


This partnership marks a pivotal step in their mission to facilitate seamless immigration processes and underscores their commitment to providing unparalleled support to individuals and businesses.


The Future


Canada’s immigration landscape has seen a remarkable surge in recent years, a trend that underscores the critical role of immigration in fueling the country’s growth and addressing demographic challenges. This increase is a strategic move to bolster the Canadian economy and counteract the effects of an aging population.


Statistics Canada’s recent reports highlight a significant rise in immigration levels with the country setting ambitious targets to welcome over 400,000 new immigrants annually.


Economically, new immigrants play a vital role in addressing labor shortages and contributing to the Canadian economy. With a large portion of Canada’s population nearing retirement age the country faces a workforce gap that could hinder economic growth in the future. Skilled immigrants bring essential skills to the labor market, help sustain public services through taxes, and contribute to innovation and entrepreneurship.


The importance of immigration to Canada cannot be overstated. It supports demographic sustainability and economic growth. As Canada continues to navigate the complexities of global migration its immigration policy serves as a model for balancing economic needs with humanitarian commitments.

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