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Realistic Timeframe for Your Application

Realistic Timeframe for Your Application (start till finish)


When applying for Canada Permanent Residency it’s helpful to realize the time frames involved with your application. Most people want to know how long it is going to take.


We will divide the application process into 3 sections:


1    Collecting the documents you need to submit your Express Entry Application

2    Submitting your Express Entry application through to Receiving your Invitation to Apply

3    Responding to your Invitation to Apply through to Receiving your Permanent Residency


Stage 1 – Collecting the documents you need to submit your Express Entry Application


During stage one, you will need to obtain your Language Test, and depending on which program you are applying under you will need either an ECA (Education Credential Assessment) or a Trade qualification from Canada. The time this stage takes will vary from one month for applicants that only need a Language Test, to 3-5 months for those that need to obtain their Canadian Trade Qualification.


Expected Timeframe – From 1 to 5 months


Stage 2 – Submitting your Express Entry application until Receiving your Invitation to Apply


Once you have your documents ready, completing and submitting your Express Entry Application will only take around an hour (another reason why you don’t need to be paying $000’s to a so-called migration agent or costly lawyer!).


We reached out to Alexander King of award winning Migration Consultants for the downlow on time-frames for Canadian Immigration. According to King, “the length of time that it then takes for you to receive an invitation to apply will vary on the strength of your application. Invitation offers are sent regularly for each program, however, offers for the Federal Skilled Trades Program are sent out less often, but usually in larger batches”.


Depending on the strength of your application and your associated CRS score, you could receive an invitation in a matter of weeks, or you may find you don’t receive an invitation within a year. If that is the case, resubmit your Express Entry application and work on improving your CRS score. Canada has more than 100 immigration pathways and there is likely to be a path to suit you.


Expected Timeframe – From 1 month to 1 year + depending on your application.


Stage 3 – Responding to your Invitation to Apply through until Receiving your Permanent Residency


Once you receive your invitation to apply, you have 60 days to complete your application and provide all the requested documents. Your case will then progress through an Intake Officer who will check your documents are all there, and then you will be passed to your Case Officer.


Once your case officer has been appointed, you can expect that the CIC processing time will take six months for a simple case, and maybe nine months for a more complex case. Remember things take time to investigate and check. It is a very important part of the process. So don’t worry if things are taking a longer time than you expect. Your Case Officer has a lot of work to do and Canada is seeking 411, 000 immigrants this year alone. It’s a big task.


Something that slows this stage down is applicants not being as clear as they could be with their documentation, having things incomplete, or situations that are not explained well in the documentation.


If this is the case, time will be lost with the immigration officer sending requests for information back and forth to you. To avoid this try and put forward everything asked for and explain any complexities in an LOE (Letter of Explanation).


Expected Timeframe – 60 days plus 6 – 9 months + 


Total Expected Timeframe for a Canada Permanent Residency Application


9 months to 1.5 years from start to finish is a realistic timeframe to plan around.



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