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You Don’t Need a Canada Migration Agent

Why You Don’t Need a Costly Canada Migration Agent or Lawyer


So, you’ve decided to move to Canada and embrace the great outdoors and high standard of living it offers. There’s just one problem: immigration. Immigration is tricky wherever you’re starting from and moving to, but the Canadian immigration process has a couple of additional pitfalls to avoid while trying to organize your move.


But fear not! The system is easy to navigate with the help of this book, and remember, the Canadian Government has tried to make this whole process as simple as possible to encourage Do-It-Yourself applications without the need for a super costly so-called migration agent (aka ‘paralegal’) or expensive lawyer.


Providing that you pay careful attention to the pages in this book, it is perfectly possible to successfully complete the whole process without paying $000’s for a so-called migration agent or Immigration Lawyer. Using an immigration lawyer will not mean that your application gets processed quicker or with additional perks.


The benefits are simple, use this easy-to-follow guide, remember that the Canadian Government has made the process a simple one, and put the money saved to better use towards establishing your new life in Canada, rather than overspending on legal fees.


Canada is home to many migration agents whose job is to help you fill out all the paperwork and process your visa application. Sounds great, right? Except, these people often charge $000s more than necessary for their services, and some exaggerate the complications of the process.


Totally unnecessary expense


The necessity of these migration agents has come into question over recent years. And as the Canadian government is simplifying the process of applying for a visa, we are asking the question: Do you need a migration lawyer to help you move to Canada?


It is important to know what we mean when referring to migration agents or lawyers. The two types of migration agents for Canada are immigration lawyers and Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada (or IRCC) agents.


As we’ve mentioned above, many charge large sums of money for their services, claiming that their knowledge and expertise make them equipped to process better applications that the government is more likely to approve for a visa or citizenship.


Many immigration lawyers emphasize the idea that by working with them, you are more likely to be successful, pay fair and affordable legal fees for their knowledge, and have all your application deadlines met on time thanks to their support. Many threaten deportation or your whole family being put at risk from one tiny mistake on your immigration paperwork.




No one needs anyone to assist them with an application


Often they are very upfront about the lack of legal requirement to get an immigration lawyer or IRCC agent involved in your case, so they use threatening and emotionally manipulative language to scare potential migrants into using their services. Typically, the culture that such firms present is a bullying one, rather than a supportive one, threatening rather than encouraging or welcoming prospective clients.


There are many immigration websites out there offering such services that are merely designed to scam people out of money and provide nothing in return, and even more who inflate their prices to take advantage of vulnerable and unknowledgeable immigrants. This practice is so common that the Canadian government has a whole page on the government website detailing common signs of immigration fraud websites.


So, if the Canadian government is warning prospective citizens about operatives like those described above, what is the right way to go about applying for immigration? While there are many genuine and reputable immigration lawyers in Canada, the Canadian government website specifically states that no one needs anyone to assist them with an application – it is an option but not a requirement.



Application forms are provided for free


All the application forms are provided for free on the government website for you to complete yourself, and by following the pages in this guide, you can find more information that will support you in filling out all the paperwork required.


Many migration lawyers claim that to get an immigration application approved, you must use their services, alluding to some sort of benefit they have that means your application will get approved or that they have more systemic power than they do.


The truth is that regardless of whether you use a migration lawyer to assist with your application, there is an equal chance of your application being approved if you complete the process yourself.


The Canadian immigration business is a billion-dollar industry, and it’s an industry built on the emotional language of fear. There are absolutely zero reasons why you cannot complete the application yourself by following the pages in this book.


Overall, it is worth noting that many so-called migration agents are more interested in getting you to part with large sums of money and providing poor, little, or no service in return.




Cut out the middleman, save thousands, and speed up the process!


In the case of immigration agents, they are said to be little more than glorified pen pushers because YOU still need to gather your own documents, YOU still need to arrange your documents for your educational equivalence, YOU still need to sit your language tests, YOU are responsible for getting the information to the Immigration agent so THEY can simply bundle it all together and send it off while charging you many $000’s of dollars for the ‘service’.


The Canadian Government lays out all the forms and packs on their website for free access and download, which you can complete by using this book. While many lawyers will try and manipulate you into using their services, the choice is always yours, and we support this choice. The straightforwardness of the application means that by using the pages in this book, you could be applying for Canadian immigration status in no time at all and saving serious money in the process.

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