Authored by Pin Ng

Edited by Michael Por

Reviewed by Alexander Bentley

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Are you wondering what the Canadian economy and life is like in general? Take a look at some our fun facts!

Did you know that Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the entire world and is also the 2nd largest country in the world after Russia with 9.97 million square kilometers? Our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is ranked at 14th world wide!

Only 8% of Canada is used for agriculture although Canada is still one of the largest exporters when it comes to agricultural products. Canada’s export partners are USA, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, China and South Korea.

Canada has over 30,000 lakes, this means that it has more lakes than the rest of the world combined! Saying this Canada has the largest coastline in the entire world stretching 202,080 Kilometers!

The country of Canada is made up of 10 provinces and 3 territories which shares the longest boarder in the world with the United States of America. It totals a massive 8,891 kilometers!

The population in Canada is around 31.28 million, it is also the most educated country in the world, and over half of Canadian residents have been to college.

The Capital of Canada is Ottawa and Toronto is Canada’s financial hub as they have their own financial district. Below we have the most popular states that other nationals migrate to, check it out!

10) West Vancouver, BC

9) Milton, ON

8) Ottawa

7) Richmond Hill, ON

6) Brossard, QC

5) Mississauga, ON

4) Markham, ON

3) Burlington, ON

2) Calgary, AB

1) Richmond, BC

Brrrr, did you know what Canada’s lowest temperature ever recorded was? It was a very chilly -81.4 degrees C in 1947!!!

Did you know Canada goes wild for Macaroni and Cheese, consuming more than any other nation in the world?

Did you know license plates in the Canadian NW territories are shaped like polar bears?

Did you know the name Canada comes from the word ‘Kanata’ which means ‘settlement’ or ‘village’?

Canada is a very popular place for migrants and has some beautiful sites to see! There are lots of fun and iconic places to visit and make unforgettable memories.

Just some of the places we recommend visiting are Niagara Falls, Banff National Park, Stanley Park, CN tower, Jasper National Park and lots more!

We hope you have enjoyed Fun Facts and this has given you the insight you needed to choose Canada!

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