Canada Salary Guide


Canada’s salaries are paid in Canadian dollars and vary depending on which state you work in and what employment sector you fall under.


The Canadian minimum wage varies, once again this is by province. Alberta has the lowest minimum wage in Canada at $9.95 an hour, Nunavut has the highest paid minimum wage at $11.00 an hour. Once you know which province you will reside in you will have a good idea of what salary to expect.


Take a look below and you will have a good guide on your potential salary earnings by area and occupation.


Canada salary guide by province in 2023


  • Newfoundland & Labrador, $56,572
  • New Brunswick, $47,044
  • Nova Scotia, $46,992
  • Prince Edward island, $48,184
  • Quebec, $48,621
  • Ontario, $53,088
  • Manitoba, $47,760
  • Saskatchewan, $55,792
  • Alberta, $66,476
  • British Columbia, $49,900


Yearly average salary by employment sector


  • Mining, quarrying & oil/gas extraction, $119,844
  • Utilities, $106,279
  • Construction, $84,240
  • Manufacturing, $64,256
  • Retail, $35,136#
  • Transport & Warehousing, $65,305
  • Information & Cultural industries, $69,373
  • Finance & Insurance, $69,011
  • Real estate & Rental/Leasing, $60,226
  • Professional, scientific & technical services, £80,310
  • Educational services, $61,305
  • Health care & social assistance, $54,863
  • Arts, entertainment & recreation, $40,186
  • Accommodation & food services, $24,656


Specialised physicians are the top earners in Canada with a yearly average salary of $450,000! Not to mention Judges, they also get a nice sum with an average annual salary of $290,000.


Other employments earn a pretty penny too!


  • Senior managers for financial, communications & other businesses, $275,500
  • Senior managers for goods production, utilities & construction, $245,000
  • General practitioners & family physicians, $180,000
  • Dentists, $195,000
  • Lawyers, $185,000
  • Actuaries, $165,000
  • Engineering managers, $157,000
  • Airline pilots, $148,000


The Canadian Prime Mister earns $327,400 annually! Members of Parliament earn $167,700 yearly and the Governor General earns $270,602. Senators make $135,200 that’s not including their expenses.


We have found that people who have migrated to Canada have received a 10 to 25% increase on their average salary than in their home country. Canada has so much to offer especially on the salary side of things, so don’t hesitate in taking our ‘Free Visa Assessment’ and then have a free consultation with one of our Canadian experts.


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