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When it comes to finding jobs in Canada, there are many different avenues to go down. Emigrate Canada will help you every step of the way so you never feel on your own.

Increase your chances of finding jobs in Canada by using all the different sources out there to find jobs. Be it online via job sites, recruitment agencies, newspaper’s, Job Bank etc.

The most used and effective source for finding jobs is the internet, as employers are constantly advertising online. This is why we have the tool you need right here on the Emigrate Canada site, it couldn’t be easier!

When looking and finding jobs in Canada there are some things to bear in mind, what do Canadian employers look for in a successful candidate? Well here at Immigrate Canada we know what employers are looking for and what kind of person makes they want for a perfect candidate.

Canadian employers want their successful candidate to have two types of skills, one type is called ‘Soft Skills’ and the other is ‘Hard Skills’. Soft Skills include Communication, Problem Solving, Team Work, Adaptability and Positive Hard Working Attitude & Behaviour. These skills are something they want every employee to have so they can grow and develop alongside the company.

Hard Skills vary as they are specific skills for individual job roles, these are technical skills that apply to your day to day duties of the job role you do. For example specific computer program knowledge, measuring and calculating, analysing data, operating machinery, specific languages etc.

Finding out the value of your professional qualifications in Canada is essential, it can assist you in finding jobs in your employment sector but also if you are required to upgrade your academic qualifications or complete further exams to get the same job in Canada.

This is why we offer and deliver a start to finish professional service with our clients’ needs at the top of our priority. For us to start assessing your skills and qualifications to ensure you meet the requirements set out by CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) all you need to do is complete our FREE Visa Skills Assessment and one of our friendly Canadian experts will give you a consultation free of charge!

If you want to migrate then do it the Emigrate Canada way!