Finding Unadvertised Jobs In Canada


We are the Global Experts in Canadian Immigration, we know that not all job openings are advertised on recruitment websites, papers or even through agencies. But we know how you can have access to these hidden treasures.


Finding a job is really important for Canadian migration, it is a key factor for you getting an “Invitation to apply” for permanent residency. We have specialized contacts on our database that can assist you in landing your dream job in Canada.


We understand that there are many methods to find jobs in Canada but obviously not all jobs can be found on ‘Job Bank’ or via agencies as employers get inundated with resumes for just one position. Here at Emigrate Canada, we actively look and match jobs that suite you and your skillset, after all we the Canadian recruitment specialists.


Here are some helpful tips for finding unadvertised jobs in Canada today




this is a great way to hear about unadvertised jobs in Canada, get talking and meet new people. Say what you are looking for and what you specialise in, word of mouth is an old technique but still it works. Tell your friends, family, people in the local bar or gym. The more you network the more people know about you and what you have to offer.





Research potential employers and companies in the same employment sector as you, go on their website and look at the careers section. A lot of employers will not advertise via paper, agencies etc so actively looking on independent company websites could get you where you need to be.



If there are specific employers that you want to work for, ask them directly if they are hiring. Even if they are not they may take your resume and keep it on file until they are. This also shows that you are eager and willing to work.


Professional Organisations


If you belong to a professional organisation, give them a call and ask if they are aware of any positions available in your employment sector. They can give you a lot of beneficial information as they have a lot of knowledge and a lot of companies go to organisations to find staff and advice.


Chamber of Commerce


They know most business in local regions, they will be able to tell you who is recruiting and who isn’t. They will also be able to tell you of any new companies setting up and put you in contact with them.


You need to put yourself out there and make yourself known, finding unadvertised jobs can be challenging but dedication and perseverance does pay off.

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