Finding Jobs in Canada as a Foreigner


Finding jobs in Canada is a lot like finding jobs in other Countries. The unique issue is that, as an international applicant, there are a few more hurdles to jump over for an employer to employ you.


How to Get a Job in Canada as a Foreigner


Here are some starting points for finding jobs in Canada:


  1. Who do you know in Canada? Oftentimes people find their jobs through people they know who are already in Canada.
  2. Having worked in Canada before – If you have worked in Canada in the past, contact your previous employers and work contacts to see if they know of any job openings in your field.
  3. Job Vacancy websites – there are many position vacant websites covering the Canadian Job Vacancy Market. You can access these from anywhere in the world. This is a less effective way to apply as you being overseas means the employer can’t fill the position fast, however, in industries with labor shortages, employers are more open to international candidates, especially those already on the way with their Express Entry application lodged or close to lodged.This is because as an international applicant you will be linked to your employer, so they can be sure the position will remain filled for the medium term. A Canada Job offer is a great way to improve your Express Entry CRS score.
  4. Canadian Job fairs – Canada travels the world promoting Canada as an immigration destination for skilled workers. They often bring with them representatives from companies willing to hire. To find out more about these in your area, follow the facebook pages of your Canadian Embassies in your areas and surrounding countries.
  5. International relocation programs – These programs can be found within some larger international organizations who have operations in Canada as well as other countries. Are there companies in your area that have operations in Canada? This may be an opportunity for you to pursue, resulting in a possible internal company placement with a valid job offer for Canada.


These are just starting points in your job search. Like anywhere, finding a job can be a difficult task. But do take heart that Canada does have labor shortages in many occupations which can be beneficial to the job seeker.


Increase Your Job Search Chances


Increase your chances of finding jobs in Canada by using all the different sources out there to find jobs. Be it online via job sites, recruitment agencies, newspaper’s, and Canada’s Job Bank. The most used and effective source for finding jobs is the internet, as employers are constantly advertising online.


When looking and finding jobs in Canada there are some things to bear in mind, what do Canadian employers look for in a successful candidate? Well here at Immigrate Canada we know what employers are looking for and what kind of person makes they want for a perfect candidate.


Canadian employers want their successful candidate to have two types of skills, one type is called ‘Soft Skills’ and the other is ‘Hard Skills’. Soft Skills include Communication, Problem Solving, Team Work, Adaptability and Positive Hard Working Attitude & Behavior. These skills are something they want every employee to have so they can grow and develop alongside the company.


Hard skills vary as they are specific skills for individual job roles, these are technical skills that apply to your day to day duties of the job role you do. For example specific computer program knowledge, measuring and calculating, analyzing data, operating machinery, specific languages etc.


Finding out the value of your professional qualifications in Canada is essential, it can assist you in finding jobs in your employment sector but also if you are required to upgrade your academic qualifications or complete further exams to get the same job in Canada


The best practice guidance is to get your Express Entry application lodged if you can, or at least be ready to lodge ie – have your language tests done and your Education Credential Assessment completed. If you have not done this, an employer will not consider that you are serious in your endeavors to move to Canada.


Remember, you can always add a job offer after your Express Entry application is live.


How to Get a Job in Canada as a Foreigner: Job Bank Canada


It is no longer mandatory for an Express Entry candidate to register with the Canadian Governments recruiting system, Job Bank Canada. However, best practice is still to register your details with the service.


The Job Bank is a free government resource that aims to connect employers with potential employees based on a workers’ skills and experience, and for that reason Express Entry candidates may see value in having a presence there.


However, the fact that applicants are no longer obliged to register in the Job Bank means that building an Express Entry profile is now a simpler process. As before, candidates and employers alike can engage in other recruitment methods, such as other online job search tools and traditional networking practices, such as building connections and securing interviews on the ground or remotely.


How to Get a Job in Canada as a Foreigner: Canadian Resumes


To apply for jobs in Canada, it is wise to update your resume to look like a Canadian Style resume.


What does a Canadian Style Resume Include?


There is no one specific style of resume in Canada, however there are some common elements that can help you with your applications.


  1. resumes are usually quite short – 3-5 pages long
  2. they do not include a photo
  3. they do not include references to skin color, race, religion, age, or other personal matters
  4. they do not include family information such as marriage status or if you have children
  5. they do include a list of the positions you have held – with dot point roles and responsibilities
  6. they do include the position accomplishments you achieved in the role
  7. they do include your education, training credentials
  8. they do include any association memberships or awards you have received


This is a starting point. We have created a range of sample Canadian Resumes, to give you a better idea of what a resume might look like, and have included some templates for you to use to help you with updating your resume for Canada.

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