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Here at Emigrate Canada we pride ourselves on our knowledge of Canadian Immigration, you will be able to find frequently asked questions and answers below.


Do I need a job offer before I can immigrate to Canada?


No, you do not need to be offered a job before you immigrate. As long as you have at least one year experience of paid work in a skilled occupation.


What is Express Entry?


Express Entry is a system that the Canadian Government have implemented in order to manage immigration applicants for permanent residency under the federal economic immigration programs.

Is it hard to find a good job in Canada?


No, there are thousands of rewarding employment opportunities in Canada. It can be slightly more difficult to land a great role outside of Canada but with a little perseverance it can be done!


What is a work permit and do I need one?


Work Permits in Canada are also known as Work Visas or employment authorizations. It is a document only issued by officials of the Canadian Government that allows a foreign national to work at a specific job or employer. If you are not a Canadian resident you will be required to have a work permit.


Who issues work permits for foreign nationals?


The Citizenship and Immigration Canada, also known as CIC. It is a department of the Canadian Government who will issue work permits.


How do I apply for a work permit?


It depends on what country you are a national from. Some work permits can be applied for at the Canadian Port of Entry, other work permits must be applied for prior to traveling to Canada. This can be done at the Canadian Visa Office responsible for your country of citizenship or the country where you are legally registered.


Are there any fees to obtain a work permit from the Canadian Government?


The Canadian Government charge a fee of $150 Canadian Dollars (CAD) per each work permit application. Other fee’s maybe incurred if a TRV (Temporary Resident Visa) is required.

What job offers can a Canadian employer make?


A Canadian employer can offer two types of job offers. The first being a temporary job offer which is Canadian employment that is only for a specific time period. You will only be able to accept this offer if you have a Temporary Work Permit. The second offer is a permanent job offer whereby Canadian employment is for an indefinite time period. To start working in this job offer you will require a Canadian Immigration Visa.


How can Emigrate Canada assist me in my migration and work in Canada?


Here at Emigrate Canada we pride ourselves on having a complete start to finish service. We take all the stress and worry away so you can just sit back and enjoy planning (or continue enjoying) the Canadian lifestyle. We will assist in your Visa application and deal with the Canadian Government, we will also assist you in job searches that are relevant for you and your skills! After all we are the Canadian Immigration experts.


If you have any other questions regarding work in Canada that you need answered, don’t hesitate in contacting one of our friendly Canadian experts who will be happy to assist you with any migration questions you may have.

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