Manitoba is often overlooked by potential skilled Migrants looking at Provincial Nomination.


It’s an area of outstanding natural beauty and home to over 1.3 million people. Its cities are clean and safe, with some of the best healthcare in Canada and the lowest crime rates. Manitoba offers a rich diverse culture in clean, safe and environmentally friendly cities and towns. The area remains one of strongest immigration destination throughout Canada with at least 50,000 people per month searching how to start a new life in Manitoba.


Jobs in Manitoba


When it comes to jobs and employment Manitoba is highly recommended as a Canadian Immigration destination. Manitoba has some of the lowest unemployment in the whole of Canada and some of the best opportunities.


Latest invitations from Manitoba smashed 2019 levels for the same period and latest reports are that a further 347 were just issued.


The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program has now issued over 8,200 Invitations to apply for the following Permanent Residency Visas:



Manitoba Immigration


Manitoba has been one of the most popular immigration destinations for many decades and is known Worldwide for being a Province where many people from all cultures live together in harmony. With over 220 languages spoken in Manitoba we find no barriers here, only a good migration destination.


Manitoba has been consistently ranked in the top 5 destination for highly skilled migration in the World Migration Index.


Life in Winnipeg


Manitoba’s capital city is Winnipeg, with a population of just over 800,000 with property prices being among the lowest in Canada. It’s the fourth most popular immigration town in Canada, after Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver for this reason alone.


It’s been estimated that after all normal household expenses a household with a $100,000 CAD income will be around $29,000 CAD a year better off that living in Ontario.


Settling into Life in Manitoba


Manitoba even provides resettlement and language training to help new skilled migrants adapt to the area and these services aren’t just limited to the capital city of Winnipeg, they’re available right across this amazing Canadian Province.


Manitoba Provincial Program


Manitoba Education and Training
Immigration and Economic Opportunities Division
Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program
7th Floor, 213 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B 1N3
Phone: (204) 945-2806

More information about Cities in Manitoba:

Grand Rapids
Lac du Bonnet
Leaf Rapids
Lynn Lake
The Pas
Powerview-Pine Falls
Snow Lake
Ste. Anne
Swan River
Winnipeg Beach

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