Migrate to Canada as an Accountant

How to Migrate to Canada as an Accountant

Can I migrate to Canada as an Accountant?
Yes, Accountants are on the Canadian NOC List code 1111 and are eligible for Permanent Residency under the Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program. Despite an influx of Accountants over the past few years Chartered Accountants are still in high demand across Canada from both a Federal a Provincial basis.

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Migrate to Canada as an Accountant

Every occupation on the Canadian NOC List is assigned an immigration code and the code for those looking to migrate to Canada as an Accountant is 1111 in the Financial Auditors and Accountants category. This is also known as the NOC Code for Accountants Immigrating to Canada.

According to the NOC Classification Schedule the code for Accountants Canada contains the following Migration Groups and Sub Groups:

Accountant, analyst, audit unit head – taxation, auditor – finance, auditor-CA (chartered accountant), auditor-chartered accountant (CA), bank branch accountant, bankruptcy trustee, budget accountant, CA (chartered accountant), certified general accountant (CGA, certified, management accountant (CMA), CGA (certified general accountant), chartered accountant (CA), chartered accountant (CA) student, chief accountant, CMA (certified management accountant), cost accountant, digital marketing specialist, cost accountant, financial accountant, general accountant, tax accountant, income tax specialist, project accountant amongst others.

General role description to Migrate to Canada as an Accountant

1111 Canada Migration NOC Code Description

Examine and analyse journal and ledger entries, bank statements, inventories, expenditures, tax returns and other accounting and financial records, documents and systems of individuals, departments within organizations, businesses or other establishments to ensure financial recording accuracy and compliance with established accounting standards, procedures and internal controls
Prepare detailed reports on audit findings and make recommendations to improve individual or establishment’s accounting and management practices
Conduct field audits of businesses to ensure compliance with provisions of the Income Tax Act, Canadian Business Corporations Act or other statutory requirements
May supervise other auditors or professionals in charge of accounting within client’s establishment.

Accountants perform some or all of the following duties:
Plan, set up and administer accounting systems and prepare financial information for individuals, departments within organizations, businesses and other establishments
Examine accounting records and prepare financial statements and reports
Develop and maintain cost finding, reporting and internal control procedures
Examine financial accounts and records and prepare income tax returns from accounting records
Analyze financial statements and reports and provide financial, business and tax advice
May act as a trustee in bankruptcy proceedings
May supervise and train articling students, other accountants or administrative technicians.

Minimum qualifications required to migrate to Canada as an Accountant

In order to migrate to Canada as a qualified accountant under NOC code 1111 you’ll need chartered or regulated status in your home country.

In addition to this chartered status you’ll also need:
An undergraduate Degree. This undergraduate Degree needs to be in addition to your Chartered status even though the Professional levels of the Chartered exams can be deemed to be of Masters level or higher.

Minimum work experience required to migrate to Canada as an Accountant

Generally, we’ll be looking for you to have at least 1 year (1,560 hours total / 30 hours per week), continuous full-time employment or part time equivalent within the last 10 years although ideally, we’d be looking at you having significantly more depending on your age.

Am I eligible to Migrate to Canada as an Accountant?

Once you’ve satisfied the occupational and educational requirements to migrate to Canada as an Accountant then it’s time to look at stage one of your Immigration to Canada Project.

Migrate to Canada as an Accountant: Getting Started
In order to successfully migrate to Canada as an accountant we’re first going to create an Express Entry profile. However, creating an express entry profile alone is of no use. Express Entry is where the work really begins in earnest, it’s the start of your immigration journey and not the end.

We need to create the very best Express Entry profile possible by hitting the required benchmarks laid down by Canadian Immigration which also gives us those all-important Comprehensive Ranking System points.

Emigrate Canada don’t use any fancy one size fits all computer programs when it comes to assessing your eligibility to migrate to Canada as an Accountant. Every assessment is hand reviewed by an industry specialist with significant experience in financial migration. Checked your eligibility and immigration options today, for free and with no obligation.

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Migrate to Canada as an Accountant Express Entry

(Stage Two)

Accountants who want to immigrate to Canada on a permanent basis must first register in the Express Entry pool and wait for an Invitation-to-Apply (ITA) from Immigration and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Once a person has an ITA they can apply for Permanent Residence (PR).

When I Migrate to Canada as an Accountant on Permanent Residency what does it mean for me and my family?
Canadian Permanent Residents can:

Live and work in Canada
Enter and leave without restriction
Study in Canada
Access Canadian Healthcare
Access social benefits
Apply for Citizenship and Dual Nationality after four years
Enjoy protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

The CIC drawns the top candidates from the Express Entry pool and issues them an Invitation To Apply based on how many Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points they have obtained.

A perfect Comprehensive Ranking Score is 1200. An offer of arranged employment in Canada or a provincial nomination certificate is worth an amazing 600 points.

To date all draws to migrate to Canada as an Accountant have been above 449 CRS Points.

This means our experts at Emigrate Canada and your designated ICCRC Consultants need to work closely with you to maximise your overall CRS score.

Should you score 449 or over on your Express Entry CRS then there is a very good chance you’ll be able to Migrate to Canada as an Accountant without a Job Offer or Provincial Nomination.

Should you score less than 449 our industry experts at Emigrate Canada will be looking to secure Provincial Nomination for you in the first instance as well as working closely with you to secure a Job Offer in Canada as an Accountant.

Migrate to Canada as an Accountant Stage Three

With your Express Entry profile live and active its time to really make it count. As we’ve already said, just having an Express Entry profile for Canada without any of the key paperwork in place is unlikely to achieve any meaningful success.

What Express Entry paperwork is required to migrate to Canada as an Accountant?
Firstly, your dedicated ICCRC consultant will work with you to have your education certificates verified via an Educational Credential Assessment. We cannot claim education points on your Express Entry profile without your educational history being formally verified.

Whilst your educational paperwork is being verified we’ll have you sit your internationally recognized English or French test (or both if you’re lucky enough to be bi lingual in these languages!).

In order to successfully migrate to Canada as an accountant we’ll also need to start your application to the Accountant regulatory body in Canada, the Canadian institute of Chartered Accountants, also known as CPA Canada for short.

What does this all mean for me, looking to migrate to Canada as an Accountant?
Canadian Immigration need to be satisfied you’ll be able to practise as an accountant in Canada and additionally, should we require either a job offer or Provincial Nomination to secure enough CRS Points on Express Entry you’ll need to show at least letter of provisional approval by CPA Canada.

Are my Chartered Accountant qualifications recognized by CPA Canada?
CPA Canada has signed several agreements with the governing accountancy bodies of other countries allowing direct and indirect passporting of chartered status into the Canadian equivalent. Some countries and accountancy bodies have direct passporting agreements whilst others will require you to sit one or two more exams that are specific Canadian accounting principles and legislation.

Migrate to Canada as an Accountant with ACCA Qualifications
Those Chartered accountants with ACCA qualifications are eligible to be grandfathered in to the CPA after successful completion of the course titled: Overview of Canadian Tax and Law.

If you’re looking to Migrate to Canada as an Accountant from the United States (AICPA) or Mexico (IMCP / COMPIC) you may be eligible to obtain the Canadian CPA designation via an existing reciprocal agreement without further study modules.

If you’re looking to Migrate to Canada as an Accountant from Australia (CAANZ eqv.), New Zealand (CAANZ), Ireland (CA), Hong Kong (HKICPA), Scotland (ICAS) or South Africa (SAICA) you should be able to gain accreditation immediately with the CPA and within the first two years must complete the CPA Reciprocity Professional Development course (CPARPD). This course consists of approximately 20 hours of online study in Canadian tax, law and ethics.

If you’re looking to Migrate to Canada as an Accountant from Pakistan as an ICAP member you are exempted from all CPA Professional Education Program modules but are strongly encouraged to complete Capstone 1 and Capstone 2 modules and you will be required to pass the Common CPA Final Examination for admission to the CPA as a full Chartered Member.

If you’re a current Chartered Accountant holding any of the following designations You should be able to be grandfathered into Canadian CPA status with the caveat that within the first two years must complete the CPA Reciprocity Professional Development course (CPARPD). This course consists of approximately 20 hours of online study in Canadian tax, law and ethics.

L’institut des Reviseurs d’Enterprises de Belgique
Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
Ordre des Experts Comptables de France
Nederland Instituut van Register Accountants
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe

Migrate to Canada as an Accountant with Provincial Nomination

Stage Four

With your Emigrate Canada designated ICCRC Consultant having now arranged your Express Entry profile, completed and evidenced with your educational credentials, put your language certificate in place and arranged your CPA Canada letter of initial Determination we will actively prepare your application for Provincial Nomination.

Migrate to Canada as an Accountant with Provincial Nomination
Securing provincial Nomination as part of your Canadian Immigration boosts your CRS score by 600, effectively ensuring your successful Invitation to Apply for Canadian Permanent Residency. Some Provinces require a Job Offer (more on that later) although crucially some do not.

With any Canadian Provincial Nominee Program, you’ll be a Canadian Permenent Resident right from the start although you’ll be expected to live and work in the nominating province for a period of two years. After those two years you’ll be free to live and work anywhere in Canada.

As part of your overall application your designated Emigrate Canada ICCRC consultant will make an application to all available Canadian states and provinces in support of your permanent residency application. It’s important to be at this stage as soon as realistically possible to capitalise on the fluid nature of Canadian Immigration.

Provincial Immigration programmes open and close regularly, and occupation in demand lists are constantly updated. We need to be ‘submission ready’ for when circumstances align in our favour. Should we wait until the perfect circumstances manifest, by the time an application is progressed through the various stages there’s a good chance the opportunity will be missed.

Migrate to Canada as an Accountant with provincial nomination from Ontario

One of the most popular States for Accountants looking to Immigrate to Canada is Ontario, one of the strongest economies in Canada and a State which is currently offering Provincial Nomination to Accountants without the need for a formal Job offer.

Migrate to Canada as an Accountant Stage Five: Invitation to Apply
The penultimate stage of your Immigration to Canada is receiving your Invitation to Apply via the Express Entry program. You’ll be receiving this Invitation based on your Express Entry Case which will either have been strong enough to have been selected directly on a federal basis, been selected via Provincial Nomination described above or selected based on you securing a formal Job Offer in Canada.

Regardless of how you’ve arrived at this milestone it’s a huge achievement and your dedicated Emigrate Canada ICCRC Consultant will have worked tirelessly to secure this stage for you and your family. It truly is this stage that makes all our efforts worthwhile, yet the hard work still isn’t over.

We still need to navigate the red tape and bureaucracy inherent in any Government Immigration program although rest assured, and you’ll need to clear background checks and medicals prior to your Permanent Residency Visas being formally granted.

Migrate to Canada as an Accountant Stage Six: Congratulations
Welcome to your new life in Canada. You have up to one year to formally activate your visas.

Can my family join me when I migrate to Canada as an Accountant?
Yes, the rights and privileges afforded to the main visa holder are passed onto partners and children automatically. In fact, your partners skills, education and qualifications may even make your overall application even stronger.

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Do I need a job offer to Migrate to Canada as an Accountant?
It is possible to Migrate to Canada as an Accountant in three ways. 1. Directly through Express Entry 2. With a Job Offer 3. With Provincial Nomination

Jobs in Canada for Accountants Immigrating
The Job market in Canada for Accountants remains strong and is expected to do so for the next five years. Unemployment for qualified Accountants in Canada is well below average. Canada Wants Your Skills!

An entry-level Chartered Accountant with less than 5 years of Canadian CPA experience can expect to earn an average Salary of around $75k whilst CPA with mid-level experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of $96k.

An experienced Chartered Accountant with 10 to 20 years of experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of $113,600 and a Chartered Accountant with late-career experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of $165,000.

Obviously, these averages do vary between sectors so should be used purely as an indicative guide. Additionally, certain geographic anomalies occur in terms of fluctuations above these averages:

Saskatoon + 30%
Calgary + 29%
Toronto + 24%
Montréal + 18%
Vancouver + 8%
Victoria + 8%
Lethbridge + 5%
Edmonton + 2%

Canada Wants You: Apply to Migrate to Canada as an Accountant

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Migrate to Canada as an Accountant
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Migrate to Canada as an Accountant with Emigrate Canada

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