NOC 65101 For Canada Immigration

NOC 65101 Service station attendants


Immigrating to Canada with the job code of Service station attendants using the Express Entry Permanent Residency pathway requires that you correctly identify the National Occupation Classification (“NOC”) Code for your occupation.


The NOC code is the most important piece of information you require to immigrate to Canada. Without knowing your job classification or NOC code you are unable to work out your eligility to immigrate to Canada or make an application. The NOC is developed and maintained between Statistics Canada (STC) and Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).


The National Occupation Classification for Service station attendants is Noc 65101.


Note: NOC 65101 Service station attendants replaces NOC 6621. The new NOC structure for Service station attendants uses the NOC Code 65101 and the Skill requirement of Short work demonstration and no formal educational requirements..

The level of demand in Canada for NOC 65101 is High. This means that according to Statistics Canada, the role of Service station attendants in Canada currently has more jobs advertised than available candidates.


Why Do I Need to Know the NOC Code for Service station attendants?


Whenever applicants for Canadian Immigration are asked to identify work experience, they must do so on the requisite forms by stating the NOC code that best fits their employment, skills and  experience. Some Canada immigration pathways are only open to applicants that have experience in occupations identified by very specific NOC codes.


Training, Education, Experience and Responsibility (TEER)


  • The NOC structure for Service station attendants uses the NOC Code 65101 and the Skill requirement of Short work demonstration and no formal educational requirements..


  • The TEER level for 65101 is Short work demonstration and no formal educational requirements..


Employment Description for 65101 Service station attendants


To be able to use National Occupation Classification 65101 your work history and experience should closely match the following description:


  • “Service station attendants employed in automotive service stations sell fuel and other automotive products and perform such services as fuelling, cleaning, lubricating and performing minor repairs to motor vehicles. Those employed in marinas sell fuel, rent boats and related equipment, and maintain marina facilities.”


Canada Visa Options for NOC 65101


There are a number of Canada Visa options for NOC 65101 including:


  • Federal Skilled Visas


  • Canadian Experience Class


  • Provincial Nomination


Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) which use the NOC 65101


NOC code 65101 is used for Provincial Nomination in following streams:


  • PNP Skilled Worker streams


  • PNP Semi-Skilled Worker streams


  • PNP Graduate streams


  • PNP Family Sponsorship streams.


Confused by National Occupation Codes and Canada Visas?

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