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NOC 9445 “Fabric, fur and leather cutters”

You can find your NOC code by searching the NOC matrix either by your industry, or by keywords such as your job title. Be sure to check that the lead statement matches your job description, and that you perform the majority of the duties and responsibilities listed under the NOC code.

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9445 is the National Occupation Classification Code for “Fabric, fur and leather cutters” used by Canada Immigration. Identifying yourself with 9445 is the first step in working out whether you have a chance at Immigrating to Canada.

What is NOC 9445

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) is Canada’s national system for describing occupations including Financial auditors and accountants. The NOC is often used by employers to help them write job descriptions and identify skill requirements for new job postings. The NOC is also used by Canada Immigration to identify skills shortages in the Canadian job market.

If your job role or job description closely matches that of  “Fabric, fur and leather cutters” then your NOC Code will be {Nownoc}.

Finding your NOC code is the first step in applying to Immigrate to Canada.

Knowing your NOC Code will allow you to assess whether you have the right skills and qualifications required for emigrating to Canada under NOC 9445 “Fabric, fur and leather cutters”. It will also help you determine which Canada Visas you may be eligible for.

Is my code NOC 9445 for “Fabric, fur and leather cutters”?

If you have been employed directly in the area of “Fabric, fur and leather cutters” then the Canadian Immigration code will be NOC 9445.

If you are looking at immigrating to Canada with NOC 9445 your job will likely fall under the broad category of “Fabric, fur and leather cutters” and the following job description will broadly match your day to day responsibilities:

NOC 9445 Description

“Labourers in textile processing perform a variety of manual duties to assist in processing fibres into yarn or thread, or to assist in weaving, knitting, bleaching, dyeing or finishing textile fabrics or other textile products. They are employed by textile companies.”

NOC 9445 Skill Level

Canadian Immigration places a Skill Level against the code 9445 “Fabric, fur and leather cutters”. This Skill Level is designed so that only suitable qualified and experienced individuals emigrate to Canada under Code 9445.

The “Fabric, fur and leather cutters” Skill Level is set by Immigration Canada, and is representative of the level of qualifications desirable and acceptable for someone already holding the role of “Fabric, fur and leather cutters” in Canada presently. The level for NOC 9445 “Fabric, fur and leather cutters” “is Skill Level C requiring completion of secondary school and some short-duration courses or training specific to the occupation. Alternatively, some secondary school education, with up to two years of on-the-job training, training courses or specific work experience”

If you do not have the required Skill Level then take our Free Visa Assessment to work out your other options.

Canada Visa Options for NOC 9445

There are a number of Canada Visa options for National Occupation Code 9445. These include:

Canada Experience Class

Federal Skilled Visas

Provincial Nomination

In order to be eligible for one of the visas you’ll first need to submit your Express Entry application under National Occupation Code 9445. Some provinces have different requirements for Provincial Nominations and regional programs so take our Free Visa Assessment for your options.

Is NOC 9445 in demand in Canada

9445″Fabric, fur and leather cutters” is is High demand across Canada. This means that currently, according to Statistics Canada, the role of “Fabric, fur and leather cutters” in Canada currently has more jobs advertised than available candidates. It is anticipated that over the next 18 to 24 months the Canadian Skills shortage for the National Occupation Code 9445 will be filled by highly skilled and motivated newcomers to Canada.

New NOC details for “Fabric, fur and leather cutters” 9445

Every few years Canadian Immigration update their National Occupation Classification List based on job demand, skills shortage, previous immigration and future plans including economic growth.

The current NOC List is currently being updated. Details for NOC 9445″Fabric, fur and leather cutters” will change in late 2022 to the following:

“Fabric, fur and leather cutters” will be classed as Labourers in textile processing and cutting

The NOC Code of 9445 will change to NOC 95105

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