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There are a significant number of Physiotherapists jobs in Canada for foreigners and Canadian Citizens. There is no discrimination in Canada and all Physiotherapists applications must be considered fairly according to Canadian employment legislation.

The role of Physiotherapists in Canada is on the NOC List. This means if your job is Physiotherapists then you potentially have an in-demand job role for Canadian Immigration.

The role of Physiotherapists is currently on the Canadian National Occupation Code 3142. This means that if your role is Physiotherapists then you are potentially Wanted in Canada.

Canada is accepting over 1million new skilled migrants over the next couple of years all in different Permanent Residency Visa categories such as:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Visa for Physiotherapists
  • Federal Skilled Trades for Physiotherapists occupations
  • Provincial Nomination Visa for NOC Code 3142

There is currently a solid amount of Physiotherapists Jobs in Canada for all levels of applicants.

How does getting a Physiotherapists Job in Canada help Immigration?

Canadian Immigration for those with NOC Code 3142 is made up of a number of steps. The first step is to follow the process to lodge an Express Entry application. The Canadian Government do not charge a fee to lodge an Express Entry application although certain elements of the process do have third party charges such as IELTS and WES.

Remember that an Express Entry application is not a Canadian Visa application. Express Entry is a pool of candidates that have an indication of eligibility to move to Canada. From this pool of quality applicants the Canadian Government and the Provinces select which Physiotherapists they want to select for the formal visa process.

Once an individual lodges an Express Entry application there are a number of things they can do to improve chances of being invited to apply for a Physiotherapists Permanent Visa.

The very best way to significantly improve your chances of being invited to apply as a Physiotherapists to migrate to Canada is to get a job in Canada as a Physiotherapists. Importantly, if an Express Entry application is made under NOC 3142 Physiotherapists then a job offer must broadly match this occupation classification.

If my role is Physiotherapists do I need a Job in Canada to Immigrate

A Physiotherapists jobs in Canada for foreigners are not always essential but they do help the process. Often landing a job as a Physiotherapists is what it takes to push through the Express Entry pool of candidates and to receive a formal offer.

Am I required to look for Physiotherapists jobs in Canada for foreigners?

As a potential new skilled immigrant to Canada you are required to create an account with the Canadian Job Bank as part of your Express Entry application. You can register with Job Bank Canada here.

Will my employer in Canada arrange accommodation for me?

Corporate firms, Professional companies and Trade Contractors usually provide local serviced accommodation for their new employees. This accommodation is usually reserved via the Book Direct and Save network.

Canadian employers usually provide up to one year of serviced accommodation to their new employees coming to Canada from another country.

Search Job Bank Canada to get an idea of the types of Physiotherapists Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

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