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Here at Emigrate Canada, we have the perfect tips for you to create your CV the ‘Canadian’ way!

Just like the UK when applying for jobs in Canada you will need to submit a CV, a Canadian CV is very different from a traditional English CV.

We will give you the best advice so that you have the best chances of getting that dream job in the dream country you are moving to. After all you might as well adapt to the Canadian way of doing things!

When creating your new Canadian CV you need to ensure that it is laid out correctly and chronologically, below is a format that should followed:

  • Your contact information
  • Professional/summary of your career
  • A detailed description of your work experience
  • Your Education & career development
  • Any Technical skills you may have
  • Any Volunteer/Community work you have undertaken


Your Canadian CV is the perfect tool for you to shine to potential employers and get that most important interview. In Canadian CV’s you need to focus on presenting the reader with highlights and not going into too much detail as an interview will be the time to break down the details.


  • CV Template – this needs to be professional, correct font & format
  • Sell yourself – remember if your bored when reading your CV then the reader will be too, make it interesting!
  • Paragraphs & Fonts – Stay away from using long paragraphs and small fonts, only use one font throughout your CV. Make it interesting not messy!
  • First Person Tense – Using first person tense is a big no no and should always be avoided. For example (“I am professional”, “I worked at ABC”). Use short sentences such as (“worked at ABC”).
  • Number of Pages – your CV should be a maximum of two pages long. However, if you have 10+ years of experience then three pages is acceptable. A long CV will put off the reader!
  • Valuable Space – do not waste space on your CV, only capture experience that will be relevant for the role you are applying for.
  • Change in Words – as you will be applying for jobs in Canada, you need to adapt to the Canadian lingo for example (“Secondary School” changes to “High school” “University grades” changes to “Grade Point Average” – GPA).
  • Hobbies & Personal Interests – do not list your hobbies or personal interests unless they are achievements. Your employer will not want to know that you like football or play a musical instrument.
  • Skills – always state if you speak more than one language or that you master a particular computer system. For example (Excel, Open Office etc).
  • First Impressions – making a good impression is essential, potential employers will pick up on how your CV is written and its format, proof read it and ensure no grammar errors exist.
  • Titles – at the top of your CV do not title it as CV or resume, ensure you have not dated the document or signed your name.
  • References – stay clear from writing references or stating “References available upon request”. It is quite clear that an employer will request references and verify these. Don’t waste valuable space! Always have your references prepared and ready!


In Canada you do not need to state your date of birth, gender or marital status. The Canadian Employment Law does not require this.


The address on your CV should be Canadian as well as your “cell” number – this is really important.


Ensure your email address is professional and not something that a potential employer will find silly or childish.


If you require further assistance with creating a Canadian CV then do not hesitate in contacting one of our Canadian experts!



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