Find a Job in Canada

Find a Job in Canada

Find a Job in Canada


Canada provides individuals seeking a new life a variety of opportunities to improve their profession or trade. Newly arrived immigrants or some planning to immigrate to Canada may have an easier time adjusting to the move by securing employment prior to relocating.

It can be daunting thinking about how to find a job in Canada while you are still located in you are home country. Our tips will provide you with the help you need to increase your chances of successfully gaining a job in your profession or trade in Canada


Polish your CV Canada Style


Before you begin applying for employment in Canada, you need to review your CV and ensure it is up to date. A poorly-written CV can turn off potential employers immediately, no matter how qualified you are in the field. An employer may read a poorly-written CV and put it down before ever reaching your qualifications and past employment.


After reading over, updating, and polishing your CV, it is a good idea to send it to a company or individual that specializes in turning bland resumes into professional documents. Professional CV services can take the resume you have written and transform it. Remember that your CV will make a first impression, especially if it is accompanied by a good cover letter.


Know what job sectors are hiring in Canada


Canada needs specific workers to fill roles in certain job sectors. If you are trained or educated in one of these job sectors, it is far easier to get a position in Canada. Some of the in-demand job fields in Canada include:


  • IT
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Trades


One of the most common questions regarding finding employment in Canada is around how much you can expect to earn: Canada Salary Guide


Research employment/settlement agencies in Canada


There are services available that help individuals immigrate to Canada. These employment and settlement agencies will help you locate a job and move to the country for a fee. If you want to relocate to Canada and need some help, you may research employment and settlement agencies to get a clearer picture of what must be done to immigrate to the Great White North, and how to find a job in Canada.


Service Provider Organizations, also known as settlement or employment agencies, are funded by the Canadian government. Most are free to use, but some do charge a fee. These organizations provide services including:


  • Resume writing help and review
  • Language assessment
  • Language classes
  • Job search assistance
  • Interview practice


Be selective when searching for jobs in Canada


You may have a strong desire to immigrate to Canada, but there is no point taking a job you don’t want with a company you are not very familiar with. It isn’t wise to mass email a large number of companies with the same CV.


One of the best ways to get a foot in the door is to cold call companies and chat to someone about potential job openings. Networking is one of the best ways to get to know people at companies you want to work for. These are two more effective ways to get your foot in the door than simply sending out a CV.


It it always wise to do some background checks on a company before applying for jobs. While most adverts are bona fides there are some that are not what they seem to be so do check out our Canada Jobseeker Safety Tips.


How to find a job in Canada : Get references


If you work in one of the Canadian industries that is seeking employees in your home country already, you have an advantage over others wanting to immigrate to Canada. A strong reference from your current or past employer will not only make you look like a powerful candidate, but it will show the company you hope to work for that you are a prized employee. Having references from past employers can go a long way to helping you land a job in Canada.


Consider taking a bridging program in Canada


A bridging program is for internationally trained professionals. The programs are provided by many of the universities in Canada. Bridging programs give professionals the opportunity to continue their education and grow their skills to fit the Canadian workforce’s needs.


If an industry requires licensing or credentials, then you will be able to find get the education needed to get the correct certification. Being a licensed professional is difficult regardless of the country. Bridging programs give new immigrates the chance to get the skills needed and get closer to the qualifications an industry desires.


You can do a web search for, “province + bridging programs”, to find a list of Canadian universities and companies that offer bridging programs. Bridging programs are offered for a variety of professions.


Use social media


Websites like LinkedIn are great for networking with professionals. LinkedIn is your online CV tool and it allows companies from all over the world – including Canada – to search for individuals for job openings. In addition, you can follow other people on LinkedIn who are in industries you want to work in. This could give you the opportunity to network with someone in your field.


Learn about accreditation


The profession you work in may need to be accredited in Canada. This means you need to have the qualifications you earned in your country accredited to be used in the Great White North, allowing you to work. If you work in teaching, physiotherapy, nursing, and social work, to name a few professions, then you will likely need additional accreditation of your qualifications. Accreditation of foreign qualifications may take some time, so be prepared to wait.


Immigrating to Canada is a challenge, and so is Canada job hunting


It isn’t easy to immigrate to Canada. There have been plenty of people give up at the first stage when planning to relocate to Canada. It is important not to become discouraged at the first obstacle. There are groups out there and free resources that can help you achieve your Canada immigration dream.


In addition, there are resources available to you online that can help you learn more about immigrating to Canada. There are personal blogs, YouTube videos, and TED Talks online that can provide you with information.


You may even know other people who have immigrated to Canada – or another country. Never turn down advice from others. Millions of people who have immigrated to Canada have been in the same situation and every piece of information is useful in some way. Keep your head up and one day, your dream of finding a job in your profession or trade in Canada will happen.


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