How to Immigrate to British Columbia Without a Job Offer in 2023


How to Immigrate to British Columbia Without a Job Offer in 2023

The British Columbia PNP allows British Columbia to nominate eligible candidates for expedited permanent residence in Canada. The candidates don’t even need to have a job offer – they just have to be interested in British Columbia and have experience/skills that are in demand in the province. 

Apply for a Visa to British Columbia

Generally, you can apply for the British Columbia PNP in 2 ways. One way is to get in touch with the program authorities directly to apply. If they agree to nominate you, you can then proceed to create an Express Entry profile and input your BC PNP credentials into the system. The second way to go about things is to start with opening an Express Entry profile.

Afterward your Express Entry is live, you can use the Express Entry system to express interest in the BC PNP. If you’re eligible, the BC Provincial Nominee Program may then invite you and other candidates to apply for the program. If you’re chosen, you will automatically be awarded 600 points, significantly raising your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. In many cases, these points are enough to guarantee you an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Understand the British Columbia PNP Streams

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program has two streams that allow you to apply for permanent residence in British Columbia without a job offer:

  • Skills Immigration – International Post Graduate 

Through this stream, British Columbia can nominate immigration candidates who have a master’s degree or doctorate in applied, natural, and health sciences from a British Columbia institution. Eligible courses include:

  • Mathematics and sciences
  • Natural resources conservation/research 
  • Physical sciences
  • Agriculture, agriculture operations, and related programs
  • Engineering
  • Engineering technology and engineering-related fields 
  • Biomedical and biological sciences
  • Computer and information sciences & support science
  • Health professions and related clinical programs

There are some things you should keep in mind when applying for this stream though. For one, you don’t need to have an Express Entry profile to be eligible. Secondly, you should send in your application within 3 years of the date indicated on your official transcript. Beyond that, as part of your application, you’ll have to provide evidence that you can and want to permanently live and work in British Columbia. 

For instance, you could send in evidence of your previous and current stays in British Columbia. Alternatively, you could share proof of any work, study, or family ties you have to the province. Other pieces of evidence that could be sufficient include:

  • Plans to get/maintain work authorization in British Columbia/proof of your ability to be financially self-sufficient within the province
  • Any community engagement
  • Proof that you’re searching for employment like applications and networking efforts
  • Details of any settlement activities you have undertaken like finding a place to stay
  • Express Entry BC – International Post Graduate Stream

The only difference between this stream and the Skills Immigration – International Post Graduate one is that this one is aligned with the Express Entry system. So if you have an Express Entry profile and meet all the previously mentioned requirements, this is the best stream for you. It can help you get priority processing for both your British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program application and permanent residency.

There’s one thing you need to keep in mind when submitting this application though – you’ll be required to provide a valid IRCC Express Entry job seeker validation code and Express Entry profile number. 


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How to Immigrate to British Columbia Without a Job Offer in 2023

How to Immigrate to British Columbia Without a Job Offer in 2023