Safety Tips For Job Seekers In Canada


Safety and security are key factors when looking for jobs, whether this is in Canada, Australia or anywhere in the world. Emigrate Canada have tips to safeguard you and your personal information. Take a look at our safety tips for job seekers in Canada.


When applying for jobs or going for interviews always keep sensitive and personal information to yourself. Always keep your age, marital status, social security number and birthday to yourself, this does not need to be included on your resume. If you are also worried about disclosing your address check out PO Box addresses that can be used instead. Never give out bank/credit card information, employers do not need this during the recruitment process or on any applications.


Your gut instinct is a natural sense that tells you that something is not right, if you get a bad feeling during applications or interviews then take note. Jobs are not worth your safety or mental wellbeing, if you don’t like the area or the place of work is not well maintained keep this in mind as you may have to work late at night and leave on your own.


The good old saying “It’s too good to be true” if you see the perfect job and something just does not seem right or add up then normally it’s too good to be true! Research the company, website and find out as much information about the employer, look up job scams etc and ensure everything is legitimate before you even think of applying for the job.


Being in a new country and looking for work puts you in a vulnerable position, you knowing this will help you stay focused and not put yourself at risk with fraud and scams. No employer should ever ask you to pay to apply for a job position. If you come across anything out of the ordinary contact a reputable employment agency and ask them questions and give them information of your findings. They will be able to give you great advice and things to look out for.

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